Stress Chemistry and Whole Bodily Enlightenment – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!


Adi Da Samraj


To create a human sanctuary for higher adaptation
of the human species is a true
urge, even the primal human urge. We inherently desire a
human and natural environment in which we can live without
the chronic production of stress chemistry. We
know, deeply, psychically, that we cannot realize that
transformation until we can create a culture in which people
can live without degenerative stress. Thus, sanctuary, or
spiritual community, is the motive in humans
that contain the genetic
secret of the next stage in human evolution.

We presently live under stress, in a subhuman culture
whose populace is completely confused even in the most
elemental levels of existence. We are all involved in an
animal-like struggle for survival
without much intelligence. Such a circumstance tends
to stimulate a chemical profusion in the body that enables
it to function and survive under stress, but that chemical
design does not allow the higher psychic and subtle centers
of the body-mind to awaken. On the contrary, this stress
chemistry triggers the degenerative processes of aging as
well as all other forms of bodily degeneration, and this
same stress chemistry is generally empty of the profound
genetic signals that can trigger the higher evolutionary
functions of Man.

Until we have created a human order that is fundamentally
free of mutual threat, it will not be common for people to
live in a truly awakened and peaceful state, not only of
mind, but of body (or the total body-mind). The evolutionary
mechanism of the bodily being is programmed to awaken its
next higher centers of function only when the chronic
problems of its lower functional centers have been solved
and when the being can live without chronically creating
degenerative stress chemistry.

The body-mind must receive the signals that the stressful
world has been overcome, that we need not fear, that we
presently have a peaceful human society, not a society full
of bombs and benighted craziness. You can perhaps make
yourself more comfortable by becoming free of some of the
anxiety of your ordinary daily life, but you cannot thus
become so peaceful that the right hemisphere of the brain
and the higher evolutionary mechanisms of the body-mind as a
whole are stimulated. To enter into your higher human
destiny, you must be altogether “cured” in your deep psychic

Certainly, we would like the quality of our existence to
be different. But people in general are not yet moving
toward anything significantly different. Thus, the would-be
human world is yet a lower-adapted, subhuman world. Perhaps
some people are more highly evolved-people who can live an
apparently moral, ecstatic, or spiritually devoted life but
they are not common. Most people are fixed in their
adaptation to living under stress, and they do not know
enough to create human and spiritual sanctuary for

How, then, will you come to that point of feeling totally
without anxiety, without fear, without any of the ordinary
mortal consciousness in the midst of your daily life? How
will you transcend that fear?
ou cannot until you
overcome the lower evolutionary dimension of the body-mind,
which is oriented to a life of physical distress and the
struggle to survive bodily,
including the stress of feeling that you are mortal,
that perhaps when you die you are just plain dead. Until you
enjoy a greater consciousness, you can never be certain
about the matter of your death.



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