Talking and Practicing Schools of Advaita

Beezone series on Preparatory Methods of Spirituality – Edited and adapted by Beezone

Original talk by Adi Da Samraj

The Controversy Between the “Talking” School and the “Practicing” School


Certain proponents of current day spirituality or dharma, even some who may be genuine practioners of a authentic psychological and religious traditions, generally represent or advocate what can be called the “talking” school of dharma or spirituality. That is to say, their method of contact is primarily one of conversation, and the process in which they engage their listeners is basically a matter of attendance to verbal argumentation. They may present their communications with some basic method or practices but their approach is primarily preparatory and of an intellectual basis.

There is even a kind of “Emperor’s New Clothes” syndrome associated with the “talking” school. Few, of course, want to acknowledge their immaturity or unreadiness for the One Thing desired by all. Therefore, the proud listeners doggedly refuse to acknowledge the necessity of their own self transcending ordeal of sadhana, and so they continually talk, listen and discuss the subject and therefore stay in a prepatory stage of development.

The understanding and practice of real Spirituality requires great preparations and real qualifications. Such preparations include practical self-discipline, the development of a disinclination toward the search for the conditional satisfactions and the achievement of a clear-minded and profound motivation toward understanding the full scope of what Realization is all about. Transcendence.

The “talking” school or those engaged on prepatory practices generally attract those who have a abstract or minimal capability for understanding of Yogic discipline, and deep meditation. They are generally habituated to constantly talking, listening, and thinking. The “discipline” and the “Realization” in the “talking” school are generally minimal, weak, superficial, temporary, and merely mental, and the “talking” school should be rightly criticized and understood.

Real qualifications should expected for true understanding of the scope of Realization to be communicated. Teachers clearly indicate that talking, listening and hearing is not itself Enlightenment, but it is only the beginning.

Preparations are necessary before true listening can be either appropriate or effective. Those necessary preparations include the development of the power of discrimination, the power of renunciation, the power of equanimity, and the motive power of longing.

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Preparatory Methods of Spirituality – Edited and adapted by Beezone

Original talk by Adi Da Samraj

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