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The Natural Vision


The Way that I Teach is not based on
belief in ultimate conceptual propositions (such as God, the
Self, immortal soul, etc.). It is based on intelligence and
feeling-sensitivity to the manifest self, to the point where
it is discovered that the presumed self is an action in the
form of contraction, which produces stress,
problem-consciousness, all seeking, and all attachment to
forms, of experience and knowledge. This discovery or
insight inherently transcends the self-contraction. Thus,
this insight becomes the basis for the self-transcending
spiritual process. That process proceeds on the basis of a
primary sense of Mystery, or Ignorance, wherein the
conventional propositions of the body-mind have no ultimacy.
When that process becomes profound, equanimity (or
no-contraction) is established. And on the basis of that
equanimity, the intuitive feeling arises that this is the
natural or true state of being, prior to the addition of the
reactive self-contraction and its propositions. In that
natural state of equanimity, existence is simply felt and
its Identity and Condition are directly intuited.

It is only in that natural state of
no-contraction that ultimate propositions or descriptions
arise in their direct and free form. Thus, from that point
of view, the Identity and Condition of existence are
acknowledged to be Divine or Radiant Transcendental

Once this stage of equanimity and
ultimate acknowledgment (or Sahaj Samadhi) develops,
continued existence becomes a matter of moment to moment
recognition of whatever arises. This process shows signs of
the Transfiguration and Transformation4 of the
manifest being. But, coincidentally, the tendencies of
manifest being simplify and dissolve, generally in a gradual
manner. Thus, the process of Sahaj Samadhi yields to Bhava
Samadhi, or Translation into Radiant Transcendental

This Way is not a game of problems,
seeking, and solutions. It is a natural process in which the
truly natural state is permitted to be the basis for the
acknowledgment and recognition of existence as it is. The
process I have described is thus based on the most
fundamental principles, and the verity of this process can
be demonstrated in any age, time, place, or cultural and
personal circumstance.


4. “Transfiguration,”
“Transformation,” and “Translation” are technical terms
pertaining to the unfolding process of God-Realization in
the seventh stage of life. Please see especially chapter 7
Enlightenment of the Whole
, by Da Free


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