Franklin Everyman

The Man of

am the man of understanding, who appears as the Bright, full
light of Atma Nadi, Amrita, endless, beginningless Bliss,
unqualified Existence, Knowledge of the Heart, knowing and
living all my forms through the intelligence of all my
forms, the Bright itself, Lord of all forms. This ‘I’ of
Brightness is not the me of my birth. ‘I’ am the ‘I’ of
every man of understanding. ‘I’ am that same ‘I’, the unborn
Presence of every man of understanding. ‘I’ am not the me of
Franklin, or the me of any man. When ‘I’ speak of the Self
of understanding ‘I’ speak for every man of understanding,
not the particular manifestation who is Franklin. But
Franklin is my form. The peculiar grace of my conscious life
has me loving Franklin, as ‘I’ also conceive the love of all
my forms. The birth of Franklin is in the karmic order of
all other men. But in Franklin, ‘I’ have overcome the
differences that send me from my forms. As long as he lives
there will appear this
in all his words. Understanding is the eternal discipline
whereby he and all men retain the spectacle of my voice and
mind. Where there is understanding ‘I’ am the only One who
appears and speaks. Where there is no understanding there is
only all of you, the dilemma of many births and searches.
Understand and you are the one who lives.

Franklin Jones (Adi Da Samraj) –
unpublished notes – 1970