The Heart

The Heart

A fool may presume Realization
to be his or her own, but one who realizes the True Heart,
amazingly Ignorant, is only sacrifice, and forever.
Adi Da Samraj
– Paradox of Instruction –


The true holy jumping off place, or
the edge of the cliff, is this transition from attention in
all of the body-mind to the Position of Consciousness
Itself. Its an unfathomable leap, different from any leap
ever taken previously. It is the Ultimate one. And yet its
not a leap. But you can see the difference between the two
positions, infinite difference.
of Attention

the Heart Beat
MOUND, Volume 1, Number 7, JANUARY 1978 – Beyond the
Heartbeat and the Mind – an essay by Bubba Free

“the illusions of conventional
subjectivity and inwardness involve a turning of attention,
the egoic expression of the current of the manifest
body-being, from the lower body and its outward functions
toward the upper body and the brain, the controlling core of
the outer functions. But the Truth of the whole body is at
the heart”.

The Truth of the whole body is at
the heart. The Way of Truth is at the heart, prior to recoil
and structure, prior to every extension and action of
manifest existence and experience. It is the Sacrifice of
the whole body at Infinity. It is Love rather than

In the Process of this Way, the
psycho-physiology of body, life, and mind, even of the
higher mind and the inner self, is transcended. The tyranny
of the heartbeat and the bodily structures wherein
consciousness is defined and the Infinite is differentiated
are all obviated – released of the power of implication and
limitation. Then the very Divine stands forth, in radical
intuition, as the Truth of the all-pervading current of
which all differentiated conditions are the present

Responsibility for all Experience

The tyranny of the heartbeat –
wherein consciousness is defined and Infinite is
differentiated – is obviated – released of the power of
implication and limitation.

Where there are no forms of
concentration, inwardness, or subjective orientation toward
subtle or visionary experiences at this stage…Once the
heart breaks open in the Divine Identity, the brain cracks
open in the All-Pervading Radiance, and the body dissolves
in Life, never to be known again.

The Gift of God, – (spontaneous
regeneration of the total structural mechanism of the
body-mind-but without bondage to the illusion of a separated
personal consciousness.) – until it is given, the arising of
manifest conditions continues, during the present life and
in conditions after the present life is past. Until then,
all conditions are tacitly re-cognized …on the basis of
radical intuition of the Real Condition of all present
arising, and no condition has power to suppress the
essential Bliss or Radiance of Divine Ignorance. At last the
unqualified intuition of the Real Condition is transformed
into unspeakable Glory beyond the worlds of mysterious
problematic embodiment.

The Way of the Heartbeat

“The heartbeat is not conceptual, it
is not subjective, it is not within. It is the armature of
the body-being. You are willing to relax the anxiety of
breathing, but you are not willing to be vacant of the
heart. Everything, except the heartbeat, can come to rest
and you still survive. The heartbeat is at the core of the

Do Not Beat the Heart

Paradox of Instruction – Chapter 5

At last the “eyes of the Free soul”
open from the inward tour of this Way of Re-cognition, and
the limiting power of all subjective and objective aspects
of the bodily being-gross, subtle, and causal-are thereafter
ineffective in the case of the responsible devotee. Such
individuals move on to the Way of Radical Intuition, wherein
the whole body-mind becomes a Sacrifice into its prior
Condition or Truth through the technical responsibilities
and ultimate Grace met at that stage.

In the first stage of this practice,
attention in the Life Current is repolarized to the brain,
through a special exercise of the breath in Communion with
the Radiant Divine via the Bodily Current of Life. In the
second stage of this practice, contemplation of the Radiant
Divine is made via the structural complex of the brain core.
In the third stage of this practice, the brain-mind, indeed,
the entire body-mind itself, is transcended in contemplation
of the Divine via the heart, prior to breath and

Esoteric Process of the Last Two Stages of the Way of Divine

The life thus devoted to the Grace
of Reality or Truth, even bodily, ‘observes or demonstrates
the gradual and true re-adaptation of the body-being to the
current of manifestation, the Unqualified Conscious Radiance
and Vibratory Power of the prior Reality, which pervades the
whole body and the world, and which is the paradoxical
Condition of all conditions arising, high or low.

Since only this Condition is
necessary, while all conditions depend on it, the devotee is
ever more perfectly merged in the prior current of the
body-being and all arising. At first he or she is adapted to
changes in relations and habits of body, emotion, and mind.
Then comes the revelation of the play of the forces in the
body-being, as they return to natural polarization toward
the crown of the body and the Brightness of the current of
Reality there.

Gradually, in private meditation
(surrender of the whole body-being into the prior current of
all arising, through Ignorance rather than effort), the
gross experience falls away and there is attunement to the
current above and prior to the gross manifestation. This
occurs through gradual realignment of the polarization of
the forces of the body-being toward the crown.

In time, there is natural absorption
in the feeling of the current bodily, then attention
naturally resting above in heartfelt relaxation into the
subtle audible and visual expressions of the vibratory
current. This becomes suspension of attention below and in
the gross plane, releasing the whole being into further
identification with the current, while even breath and
heartbeat come to rest.

Then a door opens in the midbrain,
and the being passes with the current (heard, seen, and felt
independent of the gross body orientation) into subtler and
subtler spaces and conditions. Remain in the presumption of
Ignorance and rest in the current itself rather than cling
to any of the unnecessary patterns, gross or subtle, that
arise as modifications of the intuited Beloved, which is not
different from us or any arising, but which is the prior
current and all-pervading Condition of all

Apart from such samadhi, in which
deeper identification with the current of the Real in
Ignorance (Amrita Nadi) is ultimately enjoyed, breathe and
be adapted naturally to the felt pattern of gross existence
in which you are apparently born. Be full and naturally
adapted as whole body feeling to the prior current of the

That current is felt as Presence and
as motion and polarization toward the subtle in the form of
the body-being. In the natural or lawful state, the
descended or grossly manifest body-being is polarized from
its base toward the head. The breathing infills the
body-being with the current and pervasive quickening nectars
of the Beloved, but the true, constant, and tacit sense of
the whole body is one of polarization of life, breath, and
body form toward the Light, the entry of the current in the
midbrain and crown.

Random exhaled breaths may be felt
to shoot the attention and flow of the current of
manifestation up both the frontal and spinal lines of the
body, through the throat (mindless in heart-felt Ignorance),
to the rear base of the head, then forward, through crown
and forehead, curling into the midbrain. While the being
rests in this polarization, the current operates in its
natural form, released from the necessity of all arising
(while not, in principle, in conflict with any arising).
Thus, the Beloved, or the Real, felt-intuited as the prior
current of the body-being, is revealed as sound and light,
above mind and prior to all activity, subtle or gross. This
deeper rest in the current begins when the gross body-being
rests harmoniously in its relations, polarized toe to crown,
on the basis of persistence in yielding, on the basis of
whole-body Ignorance, to the Beloved in the intuited form of
the prior current of all manifestation.

Truth, the Beloved, the Real, is our
own Nature and Condition, with which we are perfectly
re-identified in this happy and priorly enlightened Way.
Ignorance is the key and is itself the perfect intuition of
the eternal Reality. We are always already happy. Persisting
thus, we are naturally re-adapted to the unspeakable
Condition of the Real, prior to all conditions, and yet
paradoxically and eternally standing forth as all
conditions. When all unnecessary arising becomes obsolete by
this devotional sacrifice, we stand eternally in the
unqualified and presently indescribable Realm and Radiant
Form of the Beloved, the Heart.

Therefore, persist in the humor of
this Revelation while conditions arise and do not presume,
through forms of knowledge, the necessity and limitations of
any arising, high or low. Thus, the stages of this Way of
Ignorance will mature in your own case as radical intuition
of the Real Condition, the Heart, the Truth of all arising.
Such Intuition is at last unspeakable, mindless, bodiless,
egoless, worldless, whether or not speech, thought, body,
ego, or any worlds or conditions arise. A fool may presume
such Realization to be his own, but the devotee, amazingly
Ignorant, is only sacrifice, and forever.

– chapter 2

7 – The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

The Root of Body and Mind Is in the
Heart, and the Awakened Heart Enlightens and Dissolves the

The region of the body where the
heart appears is the region of the primary root of the
psycho-physical being. All of the states of manifest
awareness waking, dreaming, and sleeping have their root in
the region of the heart. The heart is also the locus of the
primary disposition of the entire body-mind. That whole body
disposition is free or unobstructed feeling-attention-which
is love and Divine Communion.

And that whole body disposition,
which is the root of all common states of awareness, also
has its root in the region of the heart. It is in the heart
that the primal transition or spontaneous original
modification is made, wherein the All-Pervading Life and
Transcendental Consciousness becomes self-conscious in the
form of an integrated personal being. Therefore, it is at
the heart that the moment of that transition can be
inspected, and its very process can be transcended. When
this transcendence of the self-defining motive in the heart
is Realized, then the Life of God is Awakened bodily, and
the bodily individual is Translated into the Radiant

The root of self-consciousness, or
the gesture of self-definition and of attention as the
bodily subject, may ultimately be intuited and felt to be
located to the right of the median of the chest. It is,
truly, a most subtle center of the “ether” of Consciousness.
It is located in the upper region of the heart. The heart is
tilted in the body. The larger mass of the heart lies toward
the left of the median, but the upper region lies toward the
right, and this appears to account for the sense that the
locus of self-consciousness is toward the right of the
median, by a distance of the width of perhaps three fingers.
In any case, it is indeed at such a point on the right that
the center of self-conscious awareness is to be found and
transcended. The root origin of self-consciousness is found
by the mature devotee in the Way of Re-cognition, and it is
felt and intuited on the right, prior to breath and
heartbeat, prior to body, perception, and

This locus of the heart, on the
right, is the center that must be penetrated, once the
body-mind is purified and intensified by regenerative
practices and higher contemplation. And only the penetration
of this heart-root permits the higher brain and the entire
psycho-physical form to be pervaded by the Transcendental
Radiance and Bliss of God, beyond all sense of independent
self, and beyond all perceptions, subtle or gross. Once that
invasion by the Flood of Radiant Life is made, the whole
body-mind begins to be Transfigured and Transformed by
Divine Love and Humor.

The Process of the free emanation of
Radiant Life from the Awakened Heart is one in which the
Heart Radiates toward the Great Center in the crown of the
brain, above the brain core and the functions of personal
perceptual and mental activity. The Life-Radiance is felt to
move to the crown in a spiral or coil, up and forward from
the heart region, back through the throat, and up and
forward in the corona of the crown. This is the Spiral
Radiance of the Heart, which Enlightens the brain and the
whole body.

The Radiance of the Heart may be
seen in subtle vision in the brain, but it is Itself beyond
all subject-object relations. Therefore, to intuit that
Radiance is to become self-sacrificed in It. For this
reason, the Awakening of the Heart and its Radiance, which
passes to the crown, and simultaneously to the entire body,
is a Process in which all self-conscious experience of the
body-mind is transcended by virtue of the Transfiguring
Power of Life.

The brain core may present subtle
visions of a mental and physical kind. Thus, the inner brain
may reveal its “bindu”4 or “eye of light.” That “eye” is
surrounded by a halo that is golden yellow, and may also
show us lights in the spectrum of red, orange, and yellow,
representing the lower structural vibrations of bodily
experience, the vital-physical and lower mental functions,
and the left side of the brain. And the golden yellow halo
surrounds a brilliant blue center, which may also show us
lights in the spectrum of blue, indigo, and violet. And the
balanced glow of green may also be seen between the halo and
the blue. The spectrum in the range of blue to violet
represents the higher structural vibrations of bodily
experience, the higher mental-psychic functions, and the
right side of the brain. Thus, the halo and the blue center
represent the balance of the body-mind. And at the core of
this figure, a shining, white, five-pointed star may be seen
at last, which shows the subtle origin of the bodily
energies, before all colors and all divisions and all the
play of body and mind.

But this vision in the brain core is
not the ultimate Radiance of God. It is only part of the
higher physics of bodily existence. The bright whiteness may
even be seen to pervade the upper brain like a crown, and
shine above the body into all of space. But the viewer is
the limited body-mind, and the vision is ordinary. Only when
at last the heart breaks and yields the born self, the whole
and entire body-mind, into the All-Pervading
Life-Radiance-only then is the true Bliss of Divine Love
Revealed, and “I” is gone beyond all knowing.

7 – The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mm-hm. You Always
Already are. But as the feeling of relatedness, as
attention. Thats what you are. To move beyond all
self-contraction, to be concentrated in the feeling of
relatedness, is to notice the causal point, Prior to mental
and physical operations, the point of attention, the point
of feeling-attention. But it is specific,

Where is that arising? In the View
of Consciousness, in the Well of Consciousness. So yes,
there may be the noticing of the feeling of relatedness, but
this Awakening to the Self in Which it is arising is the
transition to the Witness. The feeling of relatedness may be
noticed in that. And then there’s this Awakening Standing

But merely noticing the feeling of
relatedness, dwelling on it, is to rest in the heart-knot on
the right, the knot of the heart on the right, the causal
knot, the ego-root, separate “I”, attention, the feeling of
relatedness, the feeling of separateness. Its a fundamental,
primitive sensation. Everything else comes from it. Realize
that it is arising in Consciousness, and you Stand Prior to

But it cant be done as an act of
will. There is this sudden Awakening, in Communion with Me,
feeling beyond self. Suddenly you get to the point where you
cant feel beyond it. It is as “beyond” as feeling can feel
but it is this point of the feeling of relatedness. Because
it cant go any further, suddenly there’s the Realization of
the Position in Which its arising. You see? But that cant
happen as an act of will. It is an Awakening. It Awakens
because you are in Me. It is a Realization of Me, of the
total Reality, not merely an inner reality that’s

But It is not Realized in Its
Fullness beyond separate person until there is the
I’mmersion in that Well, accepting Its Nature to the point
of Most Perfect Awakening. But its not the Well that does
it. I do it. I’m the One Realized, the One Spiritually
Active in that Place.

So the Witness adjacent to the
body-mind is the jumping off place, the holy jumping off

of Attention

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