The Pleasure Dome Is Organized Water – Adi Da Samraj’s Divine Work at Quandramama Shikhara

“This fundamental transformation is something that I am Calling for – the restoration of the Pleasure Dome as the context of human life. The complete restoration of it. The liberation of the human disposition from the opposition to woman, to Shakti, to feeling, to the art of all the senses, glorifying and turned toward the Divine condition of existence.” – Adi Da Samraj

The Law that is the Pleasure Dome


DINA: What You Said is so significant, that Your Incarnation here is simply a Response, and then You’re Saying, “you tell Me what now”.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Not just yearning toward Me, but exhibited most profoundly in the form of the Great, then the conjunction was made. I’m not what takes a step. In some respects, you can say you’ve been lifted into My Sphere by the invocations of the Great.

DINA: So all we need to do is tell everyone that You’re here.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Fundamentally.

DINA: Because we’ve been calling for You, Beloved.


DINA: That’s very simple, because the heart-response is already there.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: So you must speak to “who” called Me, which is the heart. The serious person. Not merely talking endlessly. Not merely going through cycles of emotion. Not merely acting randomly. Not merely stuttering in the breath according to the changes of body-mind. But an integrity-the body-mind a Pleasure Dome of Communion with Me.

For instance, as I’ve been “considering” here recently, the Pleasure Dome has been eliminated from human life, largely speaking. The scale in which human beings, generally speaking, live from day to day, is entirely social and public. Even human pleasures, then, have been made to conform to public life, to social expectations that have to do with gross political and social purposes. In the process of that adaptation, humanity, generally speaking, has relinquished the sacred Domain, the Pleasure Dome of life.

The Pleasure Dome, including everything of temple, and rightness of life, must be the context of human life. It must be the “home”, so to speak, of daily existence, from which you enter into the course of daily activity or service – as you may be required to enter into the general circumstance of human activities, the public or social world, from day to day, to one degree or another. But each day entering into it, you should step out of the door of your Pleasure Dome, and go and do business in the world, knowing that you have something to preserve, something you would not have be violated, something you would not have be destroyed, by anything that occurs in the public, social, and political domain.

If you don’t have any Pleasure Dome, you have nothing to protect, nothing to preserve, nothing to serve, nothing to perpetuate that makes any difference whatsoever. The content of mere social and political life is reduced to godlessness, “self-possession”, materiality, gross ordinariness, mere organism concerns, mere survival concerns. Surviving for what purpose? What is there that must survive? It’s the Pleasure-Dome context of life that must survive. The core of life must be preserved as a Pleasure Dome – of everything sacred, everything most profound, everything most intimate. The entire environment of the heart is the Pleasure Dome.

If you destroy the temple and the greatness of woman, you’ve reduced life to some scandalous garbage-male-reduced, monotonous, aggressive exchanges, and petty concerns and rivalries, and all the rest of the nonsense of mind erected by the same fault. You must have the Pleasure Dome, temple and all. And then you’ll know what to do when you go to do business, when you go to the Parliament, or whatever. You will go there to make sure the Pleasure Dome is preserved, because you all want to go back there tonight! You’re not going to do any war or mayhem that’s going to prevent that, or destroy that circumstance.

But you all are throwing it away with both hands. Everything about woman, in other words, everything about the domain of feeling and senses, and pleasurable association with the feeling and sensuous domain, or sense domain, is corrupt at the present moment, and opposed. Not just the Divine Spirituality, but woman is opposed – that which woman is, that which she incarnates, that which her pattern is about. The “She” altogether requires mankind to be integrated with it, as the core of life.

This fundamental transformation is something that I am Calling for – the restoration of the Pleasure Dome as the context of human life. The complete restoration of it. The liberation of the human disposition from the opposition to woman, to Shakti, to feeling, to the art of all the senses, glorifying and turned toward the Divine condition of existence. Done in temple, done in bed, done at meals, done in community. The Pleasure Dome must be restored.

And all those grim and monotonous people who go to the Parliament, and daily business, will be profoundly transformed by that restoration. The sacredness of sex must be restored. No more anti-sexual garbage, including all your self-suppressive embrace of such as if that is the Way. That’s ego, nonsense. It’s the talk of males, of Parliament, and the war room.

If you’re full of Me, full of She, full of Yoga, full of love, full of art, and all the yin that woman is, combine with it, then the male, or the yang force (in this apparent division here, or duality) is made whole, is gentled, is integrated with what it refuses through its apparent discriminative search, this embrace of mentalizing and physical hardness, and brute intentions relative to what appears to be the controlling force, the force of nature, the force of the cosmos, the force of what’s simply happening.

You’re all male-like, utterly defended against it. You tend to think your way, and bully your way, into some control over all of it-that you will never have, by the way, because it will destroy you long before you ever come to that point of absolute control. It’s a terrible intention that has overcome humanity. And rather than talk some more in the Parliament, and “blah-blah” further to try and figure it out (as if at the end of that there’s going to be some golden age), it would be better if, world-wide, everybody reconstructed the Pleasure Dome.

Of course, there are traditional cultures that did, in fact, maintain the Pleasure Dome and know the difference between the front door to the Sacred Place and the world of daily activity. But the world of daily activity is simply governed by what took place in the Sacred Domain, the temple and bed, and community. So to come out of there with that look on your face, that feeling in your heart, and all of your body-that’s not going to allow you to kill the woman anymore.

Your sexing is a destruction of women, a denial of the feminine force, of Shakti, of energy, of delight, of feeling, of Happiness Itself. You must be combined with it. You must make art again, which is a great exercise in integrity. Make it with all the senses. Make environment and life out of it. Make a Pleasure Dome. Make community out of it.

The temple and the place of embrace, and of community of right life, is a place of art, in every detail-the senses embraced pleasurably as women teach men, if men will respond. Women teach the lesson that the realm of the senses, the domain of the senses, is the domain of feeling, and it is to be organized pleasurably. The lesson of the male, having embraced the woman, having embraced the domain of feeling and the senses, is that all this must be “considered” in the context of the Divine Reality, and oriented to It.

The settlement is the women make the palatial bedrooms of the community, and the places of delight, and the men make the temple. And the men insist on the temple, the women insist on the bedroom. Everybody agrees that the temple and bedroom, and everything in between, is an immense Pleasure Dome as the core of life, and then the business of daily life has its logic. It’s no longer made of competitive male-like egos trying to figure out the problem and control the world aggressively.

The interactions between human beings become constructed on the basis of presumed pleasure, presumed orientation to Happiness, presumed conformity, lawful right conformity to the Ultimate condition of existence, Happiness Itself-a true commitment to this, engaged hour by hour, made even into architecture and art and community-speech also, then.

If you can loosen your tongue in bed, you find you speak a totally different language. Men and women speak differently in that embrace, if it’s real, profound. That’s the language of the Pleasure Dome. Not specifically the language of sexual intercourse, but the language of the Pleasure Dome, the language that precedes the language of the world detached from the Pleasure Dome, the language that is prior to mere male-ness, mere strategic mind, or problem-solving mind, seeking for power, or seeking to control-softened by that, in the domain of art, of women, of feeling. Men and women all sublimed and oriented in that Pleasure Dome to Divine Communion, the entire pattern of daily life immediately possesses a totally different logic than makes the world at this moment.

Determine to make the Pleasure Dome, restore it again, immediately-that brings an end to conflict. You don’t have time for it. So much is eliminated immediately, by getting down to the business of remaking the Pleasure Dome. So if you want to tell people something about Me, tell them this first. This is the nature of My Kingship and Royalty. A concern for the restoration of the Pleasure Dome not only for humanity, but for the non-humans, even the walls, then. So immense is My Sensory Domain, it includes everything that arises, that can be perceived.

Well, let’s understand it in your human terms. You know what I mean by the Pleasure Dome, then. Make an immensity of Pleasure Dome at the center of your lives. And every day when you go to work, begin from there. If you can find a way to stay in the Pleasure Dome, that’s good, too. If everybody who went to Parliament tomorrow came from the Pleasure Dome, they’d know they have a lot to lose by continuing their struggles with one another, their obnoxious arm-wrestling, and manipulations, and the goring of the world and the earth and humanity, with nothing but sheer stupidity.

So I’m not here to suggest idealistic poetic notions about religion. It is a most profound, concrete matter, and I have no fairy notions about anything whatsoever. If you want to know what to do, I can tell you exactly. If you want to know what to change, and how to change it, and what the Law is, I can tell you exactly. If you don’t like the fact that I know it all and can tell you that, and you want to figure it out yourself, I’ll see you later. [laughter]

Why would you want to resist Me? If you find Me out, then I’m here altogether for your good, and have some really interesting happy ideas for things you can do right away. So straighten out your act. Of course, I’m not suggesting that you just take everything you do with feeling and the senses and sex and all the rest of it and make a Pleasure Dome out of that. No, I’m suggesting you make a Pleasure Dome, or Calling you to make a Pleasure Dome, on the basis of My Instruction and your relationship to Me altogether. So it’s not a matter of just going and casually indulging your limitations relative to these things. It’s a matter of engaging it all in an utterly and profoundly different way.

But there’s nothing puritanical about it, nothing even moralistic about it. It’s not about a problem. It’s just about rightness itself, Happiness Itself, well-being itself. Are you suggesting to Me that there are human beings who aren’t interested in that?

Everybody getting to work universally on re-establishing the Pleasure Dome according to My Instructions-that sounds like a good thing to begin with. It includes everything about this way: temple, bedroom, community, the arts, right life, right relationship-everything.

As My devotees, then, you’ll make right politics. Those who become My devotees change their lives. So you do the politics, you do the social world, you transform it by being rightly related to Me. I’m not going to do it. Those who become My devotees have all the doings to do. I’m not here to be a politician and such, or even run an organization. That’s all your business. Make the Pleasure Dome of this Way. Maintain right relationship with Me constantly. Talk is only so much of it anyway. Approach Me as I’ve Told You. Receive My Blessing, and that will convince you.

Look at the “consideration” of sexual and emotional-sexual matters in the 25-year period. Basically, your presentation, or the presentation of those who came to Me during all those years, was that of having a problem about all of that, and limitations with it, and so on. All kinds of bondage. From your point of view, then, that’s what I appear to be addressing. But My Communication was that of the Pleasure Dome, of Yoga.

It’s not about the sex thing merely. It’s an emotional-sexual practice. Entirely whole and full of delight. Not inimicable to Yoga at all. Not contrary to it at all. It is Yoga. It must be made Yoga. To make it into Yoga, however, is not some terrible ascetic discipline. But you act as if it is. Because if I Say anything other than how you and your limitations and problems in emotional-sexual terms can maybe improve your relations and such, if I Say more than that, and call you to Yoga about it, well, then you say you’re not prepared, or you’re not interested in that, or something less, really householderish about it, or conventional about it, and on and on and on. Well, if you tell Me, as you have been for 25 years, that you’re not up to the Pleasure Dome relative to emotional-sexual matters, ultimately, then what are you choosing? Either emotional-sexual bondage, or eventual abandonment of emotional-sexual life.

Whereas if you convert it, in relation to Me, and by My Instruction, then it is Yoga, it’s wholly fit for the Pleasure Dome. There’s no double-mindedness about it required. All the conventional forms of bondage that people institute in their relations can be changed entirely with agreements for intimacy made. So you can live this Way as the Pleasure Dome in My Company. But you refuse to do so. You reject the Pleasure Dome, or have been doing so-in spite of the fact that it seems you all agree that it’s a good idea. Don’t you?


CASPER: Beloved . . .


CASPER: There’s this peculiar experiment that was done some time ago, that if you put a frog in a pan, and put a heating element underneath it, the frog won’t jump out of the pan.


CASPER: No, even to boiling point. It simply hasn’t got it in its behavioral repertoire to feel the slow changes of the heating.


CASPER: And it seems to me that the world is heating up more and more as well, and there’s nothing in our behavioral repertoire to stop it or react to it. But it seems to me that You are the Person that lifts us out of that particular situation.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mm-hm. Tcha.

STANLEY: And into the Kiln!

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mm. So I’ve not been describing, or “considering” with you an ascetical Way, a puritanical Way, a double-minded Way, a Way of seeking based on problems. This is not what I’ve Given you at all. But you have somehow changed this Way in your association with it. It is nothing like all of that.

You insist on your independence, your refusal of heart-submission, hard-heartedness. But it’s something you’re so used to, because you’re doing it all the time with one another. What heart submission is in your sexing? Your sex problem, your emotional-sexual dramatization that you’re always struggling with, your double-mindedness about it, your guilt about it, your shame about it, your fear about it, your weakness, whatever. That’s what you’re doing with this Treasure, that’s what you’re doing with woman, that’s what you’re doing with the senses, the world, then. Your refusal of Me is the same as your refusal of woman. Your refusal of woman is your refusal of the world. Your refusal of the heart and the Law of the senses, Divinely “considered”.

You’re all doing sex, but you’re not allowing that meeting in the balance to make life whole. Instead you’re using it as a means to differentiate male and female, yin and yang, dissociate them from one another, protect them from one another. If you’re so full of sex, the emotional-sexual disposition, then where is the Pleasure Dome? Where is art and the Temple? Where is the community of wholeness?

If you’re doing this emotional-sexual thing profoundly and rightly, all those things would be there. But somehow in your sexing, or emotional-sexual games, you wind up eliminating the Pleasure Dome from life, and making life into a struggle to dominate, and (otherwise) be superior to, the arising world, the domain of feeling, and the senses altogether-to woman therefore, and to Me.

You will not submit at heart, relative to Me, relative to woman, or relative to the world. If you will not do these things, discussion can be endless, and nothing will be Realized. Heart-submission is what you must do. The thing you are refusing to do, or excusing yourself from, is what you must do. It is the Law. The conflict with Me, with woman, and with the world, must cease. And you must embrace these three.

To embrace Me, you must embrace woman, everything that woman is, yin is-feeling and the senses, and therefore the world. You must embrace it all. Like that image of the innocent seals on the wall of My Bedroom there. Some of you have seen it-little gentle naive seal just holding the world to its heart. Too cute for most people’s aesthetic acceptance.

You can’t “do” cute. Your aesthetic appreciation is cool, rather male-like, rather oppressive of the feminine, incapable of luxury, of generosity, or openness, or pleasure. You talk yourself out of every pleasure. You’ve talked yourself out of Happiness Itself to begin with. Your arguments against God are arguments against the world, arguments against feelings and the senses, arguments against woman, then.

In the current political and social agitation, women, for all kinds of reasons, are agitating to achieve the status of men, or the kind or status they presume men have enjoyed. There are all kinds of reasons to justify that and so forth in the political and social circumstance. But the calling of woman is not about that. Woman doesn’t have her work to do if you don’t establish the Pleasure Dome again.

Otherwise, they’ll all be wearing stiff collars and kicking male ass like men kicked one another’s asses. Women don’t have a domain in which to function except the male domain, at the present moment. Perhaps women will listen to Me, then, and insist on the restoration of the Pleasure Dome, so they’ll have something to do, other than heating up the TV dinners, you see.

The woman is the very source, the substance, the sign of art, of feeling. Regeneration of the Pleasure Dome of the arts, also man-woman relations rather than merely male-female relations, or male-female adolescent relations. Women prepared to be women, not virgins, or reluctant objects. You men are not interested in woman.

You’re interested in getting off, or whatever, getting your stress off, using women, females somehow or other, but you don’t want to enter into the domain of feeling and the senses, and be pleasurized there. You can’t see yourself guiltless, lying on a sack of silk pillows, listening to music, talking spontaneously and happily with your friends about God and nonsense. You’re too stressed up. You want to get off, and get out and kick ass.

You want to forget woman and treat the world, then, as some sort of object to be manipulated because it’s so dangerous to you. Male is afraid of the female now. In some respects, women have more balls than men-more intense about something, it seems. But it’s misdirected by the current circumstance because the Pleasure Dome doesn’t exist. It would need to be an immense Pleasure Dome at the center of life, and also the field of daily activities in order to preserve that, to handle the survival requirements of humanity. Well, then, there would be two different spheres of occupation to “consider”.

A woman might think twice about going downtown. Might prefer to function in the great Pleasure Dome domain, and see to great art and pleasure, and see to it that males have their domain of feeling, and are obliged to conform to it-not just in the bedroom with their individual females, but in their community with one another, at temple and bed and meals and play and so on.

To have respect for woman, there must be respect for the natural world, then, and (ultimately) respect for Me-even as a basis for all of it. Respect for women, then, is respect for the feminine, for She, for yin, for the domain of feeling and the senses, to embrace it utterly, to be conformed to it, to be gentled by it, to be enabled to become whole through that association, woman to man, man to woman. You have to grow up, and abandon your adolescent sexuality, and your adolescent religion.

The thing about true devotees who have gone to Masters of one degree or another in the past is that they knew, and really found out by experience, that they couldn’t figure this all out, and were not Happy. And their reluctance to accept authority was burned out of them by that, and they were willing to make their submission to a true Master discovered. Now it seems everybody’s got to be talked into it, like you have to be talked into caring for the natural domain, or embracing the feminine, so that it changes the male disposition, the disposition of mankind altogether, then.

A few weeks ago, I called those who were serving Me here at Quandramama to “consider” this matter of Pleasure Dome, how they would gather with Me if they came into My House, and so on. It was amazing how inept, unprepared, and basically unresponsive you all were-even to wearing clothing that’s simply comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, not wrapping the body up military style, such that it’s unrevealed. The simplicity of accepting a social circumstance of pleasure and delight and art, freedom from prudery and all the rest-you’re all amazingly disinclined. And yet I’ve been hearing your emotional-sexual rap for 25 years. So you’re all very much crippled by the absence of the Pleasure Dome, and you’re not going to do much making of things right in the world until you restore it. Trying to figure out things together downtown, without restoring the Pleasure Dome, you will simply perpetuate the ritual of your aggressiveness.

Your problem about Me, your problem about the Divine, is a construct of your own, made by self-contraction, but in the midst of human exchanges. You have trouble about God because in the human scale you’re not only self-contracted but you’ve rejected the woman-the other half of the play of the world. The seat of Divine Realization is the heart. Therefore the domain of feeling is fundamental. There is no integration with the Divine Light without integration with the feminine. In other words, the domain of feeling, and the senses, must be embraced by you-not as a threat or a negative, but as the obligatory Pleasure Dome. Cease to reject the feminine, you will cease to reject the world, and you will also cease to reject Me.

You all have an immense emotional-sexual problem based on your self-contraction. It’s the root of all of your difficulty. You cannot accept to be in the feeling-place, comfortable in the senses as you would be with a true woman, if you were a man-or a true man, if you were a woman. You cannot accept it as the foundation of life. You think it’s not serious, or it’s wrong, or it’s dissociating you from the Divine. You only feel that because of the self-contraction, yes. But the result of that is you don’t know what even a single thing is! Not even a single thing.

You don’t know what a single thing is, so you don’t know What Is, and yet you want to perpetuate some massive drama of mankind in the absence of this most fundamental knowledge. This knowledge is regained by the elimination of the ego-act, in practice, and the meaning is in that realization, whereby all of that is transcended. And it’s not merely a going-to-meditation matter. It’s not only in the Hall, or the temple. It’s altogether, in the context of every function, every moment. The Way cannot be reduced then to meditation practices and such. It touches absolutely every aspect of your experiencing, your activities, your functions. It must all be Yoga.

How do you make it Yoga? Very simply. In this attracted response to Me, practice Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga. That’s the logic of all other changes. But, of course, the practice of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga requires your heart, this surrender, this submission, this relinquishment of the denial of Me, of woman, and of the world. The Way of the Heart is not the way of embracing the world in the utopian sense. That’s using it from the egoic point of view. It’s not that at all. It’s just that in this apparent context, the Law is that of the Pleasure Dome. That is how you conform to Me.

You must make your reconciliation with Me, and with woman, and with the world, and with the entire cosmic domain. You have shunned and abused Me, and continue to do so in all your doings. And the sign among you is this heartless abusiveness, not of conditional existence but of the world itself, the earth-world, all human beings, all non-humans, She, the feminine itself, what the world is. It is the domain of energy, of feeling, shown by a pattern of the senses, a pattern of perceptions – that’s all what can be called She.

I Am She. I Am Whole and One, not Consciousness apart, but Self-Radiant, inherently One with what is traditionally called the Shakti, or the Mother-Force, or She.

The exclusion of That is not in the Way I’ve Given you. The acceptance of it and the principle of the heart, of feeling, and the Law of conforming the realm of the senses pleasurably to Me-that is the Yoga of this Way.

So you want to talk and figure it out, and “blah-blah-blah-blah-blah” in male-like fashion. But if you erected a Pleasure Dome on the lawn here, you’d still tend to be talking bullshit to one another over your sugar-free colas. Ready to be very busy there, in meditation and puja.

In right life-all on the silk seat, the kusha grass, the seat in a well-made place, only occasional peacocks. Temperate, not mere hot, yang. Not mere cold, yin. But temperate in that combination, or mutual embrace, in Communion with Me.

So if you tell Me you’re not up to it, you want to be householders, you only have a little bit of sex in you, and so forth, you refuse the Pleasure Dome, if you will. If you want to practice this Way for real, you must embrace the Pleasure Dome and become Yogis. Until you are a Yogi, as a man in sexual terms, you are rejecting women, rejecting the feminine itself, rejecting the domain of feeling, the domain of the senses, the world itself. You’re thinking in double-minded terms of Consciousness apart from phenomena, and escaping the world at last.

Escape the world from where? You are already only Consciousness Itself! Where is there to escape to? You have to find your way into this domain, not escape from it. You’re not in it! You are sitting there as Consciousness “apart”. No matter what arises, even attention itself is object to you. You’re already Consciousness-and you don’t know what a single thing is in this mysterious association.

Your rejection of God and woman; and the world itself is so profound, you recognize nothing whatsoever. You’re not in a position to escape from the world. You’re not in it to begin with. You’re standing apart from it, unknowing, but your unknowingness is a result of your own act. But that act amounts to the rejection of the world, the rejection of the domain of feeling and the senses, the rejection of woman, rejection of Shakti, rejection of My Blessing, My “Brightness”, the rejection of Me.

I am not that emptiness, Consciousness “apart”. That is your version of the Witness. I Am She. How did I get to be that way? Because I Husbanded her. In the last slice of it, I saw that I had to do this, which was a dare beyond comprehension. But I was in a Position to do it, not some fantasy. This utter acceptance without “difference”, having Husbanded the She, was necessary in order to be abandoned to Her, without losing that Mastery, that Husbanding itself, in other words, without releasing her to be un-Husbanded, the Force of She.

The Force of My “Brightness” must be accepted, heart-full, and all over the body-mind, Invading. In your devotional embrace of Me, you are Husbanded and given up. And I likewise am not dissociated from you in any respect. You are in My Kiln, My Sphere of Radiance. Your Yoga with Me, your devotion to Me is sublime. The emotional-sexual embrace is a paradigm for it, a kind of metaphor, or a subservient structure, subordinate structure. The Samadhi of Bliss, Love-Bliss, Happiness Itself, is Truth. It is the Inherent Reality, which you fail to inspect or know or Realize because of your own act. Self-contraction at the heart dissociates you from feeling, and then knowing, the Recognition of phenomenal existence.

All of this is Me, or What (from the dualistic perspective) can be called “She”-literally so-and all-Pervading. You are in My Sphere of “Brightness” as in a sea of fluidity. Seeing this beyond the constructs of your own psycho-physicality, it is a Flow without “difference”. It is a “Brightness” without limit. It is an Infinite Upwelling of Love-Bliss, without differentiation. It is, in the egoless Yogi, obvious even to the eye, or to the taste, or to the hearing, or to the touch. It is inherently perfumed. It is the breath of Fullness.

Seventh stage Realization, then, is not Consciousness “apart”, nor is it Consciousness becoming bound by choosing phenomenal existence on its own. It is the Divine Self-Disposition, Recognizing all arising, Inherently Recognizing all arising.

What is then? What is anything?

It is Me. Or, as I might Say, it is She. But there is no She apart from Me, anymore.

So there’s all this leaving of the plane of phenomenal association for sixth stages, progressively. In the seventh, the leaving is abandoned. Six was not enough for Me. Still the self-contraction registered there by this dissociation-the ultimate Yogic moment, the ultimate dilemma of Yoga, you could say.

I know you don’t know what I mean when I say I Husbanded Her. You are in no position to know what that means. You are in no position to do it! But if you understand what I mean by true Yoga in emotional-sexual terms, you have a metaphor for something about it, the loosening of the disposition of “difference”, of dissociation, of separateness, even of relatedness.

The abandonment of the presumption of “other”. You as “other”, other as “other”. The acceptance of She and the embrace of Her. To be, as a man, made whole, integrated with what you are not. Conformed to it, changed by it, added to discriminative mind and brute force-in between you get the feeling and sensuous body-mind that makes you whole. And then you don’t club the seals. And so on.

So, in your heart-rejection of all of this, you are always looking for some alternative to what I’m telling you. You’re looking for some way out of having to indulge in this heart-submission. As long as that’s your point of view, as long as you insist on that, well, you can’t go very far with Me.

Disregard the babbling mind for the moment, as you would whatever is going on in your intestines at the moment. And just feel with Me here. So do you find, in that, any inherent suggestion of “difference”, or separation, or problem, or reason to seek? [Pause]

I’ve talked to you all exhaustively for 25 years. I could keep on talking. I’ll probably speak sometimes. Basically, I’ve said enough. Enjoy My Company.

Now, if you want to know about Pleasure Dome, I’m showing you in My House every day how to go about it. I’m Calling you to do that in kind in the community-but as My devotees. Whatever you all are always talking about in your endless meetings, it sounds to Me like the kind of thing you say to your women friends and men friends in anticipation of intimate occasion. It still doesn’t amount to real sexing, anyway.

You men don’t even want women to be women. You like them to be sort of virgins and complicated and just sort of good-looking somehow, so you can use them. You don’t want anything to do with what they really require of you, or probably you wouldn’t want so much to do with them. You’d certainly know that you had to come up to something far different than you’ve done with women before, or females before.

Men don’t like what women really want. They’re not ready to do that. You’re not ready to do what I want. You’re not ready to do what the world requires. You’re fouling the nest, My Domain, My Hall, and all women in the world. That Very Person that’s She is rejected by you. You don’t want that kind of relationship to Me, you want to talk and do male exchanges with Me, instead of surrendering. You can’t accept that heart-woman in yourself, you males.

And in your undoings you’ve compromised the mind of women, and the hearts of women, too. Some women slip out of the loop, and they stay in the woods with Krishna, or whoever. They just become distracted. And then the husbands follow suit-according to the traditional stories-because nobody is coming back from the cows to make their TV dinners and dote on the husbands just for the sake of that little snappy bit of sex you do with them every now and then, but rather go to the God-Man and be heart-full, and allowed to be women, and not cursed anymore.

And the non-humans would rather come to Me and stay with Me as well. They know I support their Contemplation-their Contemplativeness and their freedom from bondage to this world. The non-humans are all avadhoots of a kind. Unless you trap them, like you trap women, and talk them out of their simplicity.

Men need to realize that simplicity, and women, therefore, likewise-having been propagandized out of it. The simplicity of heart-surrender is what you must volunteer for. Women would serve all men by standing firm on this point. Even the Earth is standing firm on it, don’t you see? And I certainly am.

My Standing Firm required Me to step apart from this gathering as it has been. Not intending to separate from devotees at all, but, I require devotees to relate to Me rightly and practice this Way as I’ve Given it. It’s your business to accomplish, in your response to Me, in your conformity to Me, you rightened-yourselves and the world. It doesn’t require Me to become your political master. I’m not interested.

I prefer to spend My time in the Pleasure Dome, with the women. I find their company very satisfactory, and I don’t suppress them. I enjoy the changes they make in Me. I enjoy that conformity. So I don’t intend to show you any sign but this Pleasure Dome Sign, and My most direct Manifestation of Myself.

What is this called-the durbars-of the kings? These great events, these great convocations, even daily. Anyone would come into the company of the king-all in their greatest art and finery, their fullness of delight, their Pleasure Dome sign. All Blessed, all Instructed, all fed, everyone celebrated and celebrating. All alive with mutual respect and love. You got any better idea?


ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, then do what I tell you.