The Power Company


Power Company


speaking to Me because you are thinking, and you think that
you are thinking. Your thinking is being concretized through
speaking. But you presume that you are thinking and are the
subject of that thinking—the source and cause and doer
of it—and its contents, its question, its problems are
yours. But this is a presumption only. It is not inspected.
It is not true. It is a characteristic of language itself to
enforce this presumption. But if the actual process of the
arising of thought or speech can be tacitly known, tacitly
noticed, it can be tacitly understood that it is not being
done by Consciousness, the Witness.

The Witness simply is That. That is
the Status of the Self-Condition. It is not the doer of
body-mind events. It is only Itself, and this is why the
process of Realization is a Demonstration of the
manifestation or manifest comprehension of that very
Self-Condition. It is not about the body-mind. The Seventh
Stage Demonstration is not about the body-mind. It is simply
the inevitable course of Demonstration of Divine
Self-Realization Itself. It ultimately vanishes or outshines
the body-mind. The body-mind is a play on it, a seeming,
that is full of self-caused characteristics. It is a kind of
parasite that makes use of the Conscious Light of Being. The
Conscious Light of Being is not doing anything

The body-mind is a parasite of a
kind on the Conscious Light, making use of it like you plug
a lamp into the wall and make use of the electricity
generated by the power company. They send you a bill. And so
does the Divine—[Beloved Laughs]—a bill that you
can never pay. So the price you pay for your little lifetime
is un-payable.

The real Condition is the
Source-Condition, the Self-Condition of all. If you are
Given the Gift of standing in that Position, abiding in that
Position, then this is Perfect Knowledge. It becomes tacitly
obvious that there are no problems, or that all questions
are answered inherently. It is tacitly Obvious what is the
nature of Reality. There is absolutely no difference, no

[October 12,