Compusory Dancing – Da Free John (Adi Da Samraj) 1978

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COMPULSORY DANCING – Da Free John (Adi Da Samraj)


Part IV: The Truth of Our Existence Is Love


The Way That I Teach


The Way that I Teach is the Way of surrender, or
spontaneous and total psycho-physical Transfiguration. It is
the radical Way of native, whole bodily, moment to moment
surrender to the Radiant Principle that pervades the
body-mind and the total world. It is the Way of the
transcendence of the egoic adventure of attention, or the
self-contraction that is itself attention. It is the Way of
surrender of the psycho-physical attention that is the ego,
or the reactive self-contraction in every moment. It is the
Transcendental Way of the tacit Realization of God, Who is
the Primal Life-Radiance and Essential Being of all. It is
the Way that is founded upon direct, moment to moment,
intuitive, emotional, and even bodily Realization that the
Infinitely Radiant Being is the Principle of existence,
rather than “matter,” or the contracted self, who is the
disturbed, self-divided being that is always seeking its own
fulfillment through experience and acquired knowledge.

Traditionally, spiritual life is viewed as a progressive
path of experience, a progression of stages of the return of
attention (which is ultimately the same as the
ego-contraction) to the Source, Condition, and Environment
of Happiness. The Great Path of Return, in either its
Eastern or its Western mode, is typically the adventure of
the contracted or mortally threatened egos search for
Happiness, for God, for Truth, the Answer, the Source, the
Creator, the Self, the Ultimate Principle, the Wonderful
Reality, the Eternal Pleasure, or Happiness itself.

The difference between the Great Path of experience, or
self-fulfillment, and the Way that I Teach is the difference
between attention, or egoic concentration in experience, and
surrender, or self-transcendence in every moment of
experience. The “Good News” of the Way that I Teach is that
Truth is the all-pervading Foundation of experiential
existence, and it is the Truth in this moment. Thus, in the
case of the Way that I Teach, the individual lives on the
basis of the always present surrender of the body-mind, or
the state of experience and knowledge, into the always
Present or Transcendental Life-Principle. The Way is founded
on the Ecstatic or self-transcending Realization of God in
every moment, rather than on the basis of the experiential
dilemma and self-fulfilling motivations of the
psycho-physical ego, which you usually consider to be the
foundation of human existence and destiny. This Way of
surrender, then, this Way of Divine Ignorance, or Radical
Understanding, is the very Way of Life, which presupposes
the Truth or self-transfiguring Happiness of God-Realization
in every instant.

The Way that I Teach is not itself another path, separate
from the progressive stages of human experience or growth
and evolution. The Way that I Teach is the disposition of
psycho-physical surrender to the Radiant Being, through
which all inevitable experience may be transcended.


Table of Contents