Tricksters – Adi Da Samraj


Adi Da Samraj


Tricksters are identified
in various traditional cultures. They’re called various
names and so forth. In traditional cultures they look for
people to play this role of the trixter. They can virtually
be appointed, chosen, and certain signs are to be noticed
the person encouraged. Well sometimes individuals just do it
spontaneously and people will just use it.

People are being trixters all the time. There may be
certain individuals in certain towns or villages or whatever
who very overtly play the trickster in a special way. Part
of what it is about is certain people are given permission
or license by the community or whatever to offend or even
violate conventional behavior and conventional attitudes and
so forth. These are comedians who commonly play this role
you see. They are supposed to be as exaggeratedly
offensively and creative about it as they could possibly get
you see. Some people think at some point it starts getting
tasteless and it’s not right you see?

Very often that’s when it’s doing its work. It shocks you
out of the rigidity of a life that should be a play you see,
a sacred play. So you find when the clown or the trickster
makes you notice that you are sort of grim and uptight about
being this good person you see, he’s not saying not to be a
good person. He’s saying don’t be uptight. It’s supposed to
be a play. Be really good and not puritanical and nasty you
see. So you’ve got to be showing you’re an asshole like a
comedians and tricksters of all kinds so you can get playful
about it even. Don’t get self-righteous you see. Practice
the diet but don’t get lunch righteous you see.

You should be playful. It’s just right life, right
discipline. Tell it to go inside and do what you’re supposed
to be doing altogether. There’s nothing to be righteous
about you see. People who are living the conventional life
day after day with all the expectations presumably do get
rather grim and dried up about it you see. This is
understood in traditional societies and I thought they
always had tricksters. Come to think of it, they’re on the
monitor and they hire comedians you see and pay for them in
nightclubs. You pay people to mock you. You select certain
people to do this. You even plied me to do it. (audience

You see people have always valued under the right
conditions people mocking everyone and that’s a real and
right function as I just described it to you so I might play
with you and there have always had to be all kinds of
exaggerated, shape shifter, everything all together crazy
wise you see in order to break you out of your
self-consciousness rigidity and wake you up to the
profundity of this way.


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