True Religion Is the Natural Evolutionary Process of Human Existence – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!

The Natural
Evolutionary Process of Human Existence
Adi Da


Human awakening is the product of the inherent biological
urge in the world and in the body of ‘Man’.

Awakening or enlightenment and therefore religion is not
exclusively a matter of “revelation” in the sense of the
specific ‘historical communications made by rare and
prophetic individuals. Rather, awakening is the evolutionary
and self-transcending process of the psychobiological
transformation of Humans.

The process of awakening is inherent in the
psychobiological structures of every human being, except
that it is only more or less developed in each individual.
The structures of the awakening process are already in the
biological anatomy of the human individual. But the
development of those structures depends upon cultural

Unfortunately awakening and religion in general is
associated with symbolic cosmologies, archaic belief
systems, and illusions of mystical flight from the world.
And in that case, true spiritual acculturation is suppressed
and obliged to remain at an infantile and adolescent

However, the higher dimension of spirituality has also
always been practiced by a relatively few uncommon
individuals. From my own direct experience. A true more
universally appropriate process of transformation is engaged
directly by the individual. It is not founded on archaic
beliefs or philosophies, nor is it designed to achieve
symbolic ends, such as heaven after death, or cultic
membership in the future kingdom of some Teacher who is
exclusively identical to Truth and God. Rather, it is a
process founded on self-critical and self-understanding.

The mechanism of this higher and true religious process
is in the biological structures of the human body-mind
itself. And that evolutionary mechanism is present in every
human being. It is only more consciously activated or served
in more awakened individuals. But it is present in everyone,
and it may be awakened in anyone through self-critical
insight and higher disciplines of the body-mind.

The higher evolutionary mechanism in Man has not
generally been considered or studied. The mechanisms that
are commonly studied are generally of a lower order. Thus,
to the degree that religion or spirituality is studied, it
is considered only in these lesser terms, and its
limitations become more and more obvious as the era of
science progresses.

However, the higher evolutionary mechanisms in the
nervous system and brain have yet to be studied and
understood from a modern scientific point of view, and thus
the future evolutionary and higher religious culture of Man
has yet to receive its scientific justification or “go
ahead” signal in the popular mind. Humanity in general is
now in a period of transition from the childish cultism of
archaic religion and the adolescent exclusivism of
scientific materialism to the future age of higher and
evolutionary-religious and spiritual culture.

I have, in such books as The Enlightenment of the Whole
Body, considered in detail the evolutionary mechanism
associated with higher and previously esoteric religion. Let
it suffice for me to say here that the evolutionary
mechanism is essentially associated with the central nervous
system. And the human individual is natively or
structurally disposed, through the stimulating effect of the
universal Life-Current in the central nervous system, to
grow beyond his present limits via a process of higher
personal and moral acculturation, and via superior,
religious or esoteric spiritual disciplines. Those
disciplines involve participatory submission of the
individual body-mind into the universal life-Current, via
the total awakening and activation of the central nervous

This wisdom is not a new invention of my own. It has been
the basic presumption behind esoteric societies all over the
world for countless centuries. All of the extraordinary
phenomena and prophetic revelations exhibited by religious
leaders of the past were either the consciously achieved or
spontaneously demonstrated results and expressions of this
evolutionary process in their own psycho-physcial being.
There is no other basis for religion and religious report
(or even science and scientific report) than the yet only
partially demonstrated biological mechanism that is Man
himself in his cooperative submission to the Radiant and
Living Reality (or Life-Principle) in which he and the total
world are appearing, changing, and, ultimately,

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