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Gabriel Founder (recreator) of the UDV

the request of a representative mestre of the Uniao do
Vegetal the Beezone has removed it’s materials on the UDV
Chruch. This is out of respect for the request as it was an
appeal for honoring the limited nature the church has for
accepting new members and the manner in which their teaching
and messages are diseminated.

If you would like more information
about the Uniao do Vegetal Church please go to their North
American webpage at:


“The more you go inside…., the
more things are seen. And you also see our past and our
future, which are there together as a single thing already
achieved, already happened . . .I knew and saw God…the
entire universe…

Maria Sabina describes
access to the
eternal visionary realm

My wife and I in 1995 started what is now the Bay Area UDV center in Fairfax, CA. We are no longer members but are friends with current church members. The UDV is not what would be traditionally called a ‘public’ church where members could visit or attend functions without an invitation. The UDV operates on what might be called ‘by invitation only’ and in that way operates more like a closed or secret society. If you’re interested in looking further into the ‘Way’ or the ‘Path of the UDV’, then I suggest you find some way of making contact with one of its members (their main centers are in Sante Fe, New Mexico, Seattle, Washington, Norwood, Colorado and Fairfax, California). Once you find a center work on getting an invitation to be invited to one of their ‘potlucks’ where you would have an opportunity to meet the members and where they meet and get to know you. This is the most common way of being introduced to the Path of the Uniao do Vegetal, and it’s members.

If you have any questions, you can always email me at Beezone.com. But remember I’m in no position to invite or recommend you to anyone within the organization, as I said, UDV is a closed (secret society) church and only by receiving an invitation from a member can someone be brought into their circle.



“One of the proofs that it is
‘Jesus Christ himself’ who talks to them is that anyone who
eats the mushroom sees visions. Everyone we have asked
suggests that they are seeing into heaven itself. … Not
all Mazatecs believe that the mushroom messages are from
Jesus Christ … Most monolinguals however will either
declare that it is Jesus Christ who speaks to them, or they
will ask a little doubting ‘What do you say, it is true that
it is the blood of Jesus’?”
(Mushroom Ceremony –
Smithsonian Institute).

noted to
Wasson in 1953

“Throughout history human beings
have been looking for something to sustain them. Everything
from Jesus to Amanita muscaria, the sacred mushroom, is
claimed to be the panacea, the sustainer” -Adi Da Samraj –

“He used to say that it was the
top of the spiritual axis of the earth; there must he said,
be another mountain corresponding to Arunachala exactly at
the opposite side of the globe the corresponding pole of the

Major Chadwick – Devotee of
Ramana Maharshi –

“As long as you regard
yourself or any part of your experience as the “dream come
true,” then you are involved in self-deception.
Self-deception seems always to depend upon the dream world,
because you would like to see what you have not yet seen,
rather that what you are now seeing. You will not accept
that whatever is here now is what is, nor are you willing to
go on with the situation as it is. Thus, self-deception
always manifests itself in terms of trying to create or
recreate a dream world, the nostalgia of the dream
experience. And the opposite of self-deception is just
working with the facts of life.”

Chögyam Trungpa,
Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

For a fuller look at the history
and teachings of the UVD see:

Ayahuasca Use in a Religious

Case of the União do Vegetal in
by Anthony
Richard Henman, Feb 2009

Adapted from a 1985 paper
presented at the 45th Congresso Internacional de


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