The Understanding That Sets the Heart Free



The Understanding That Sets the
Heart Free

by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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Human beings characteristically believe that their
suffering is caused from without, and they feel themselves
to be the victims of suffering. Your experience as an
apparently individual psycho-physical being can certainly
involve pain, difficulty, and unfortunate circumstances –
but your fundamental suffering is never, under any
circumstances, caused from without. Your fundamental
suffering is caused by your own reaction to the conditions
of manifested existence.

The self-contraction is the act of separation. The
self-contraction is your reaction to conditional existence.
This reaction is egoity itself, and it is always your own
activity. This is what must be understood: All your seeking,
all your disturbance, and all your dissatisfaction are your
own activity. To understand this is to be free of
“victim-consciousness”, or the notion that your fundamental
difficulty is somehow caused by others or by the conditions
of manifested existence. To understand this is the essence
of the true hearing.

Therefore, true hearing is a matter of transcending the
notion that your suffering is caused from without, or the
notion that you are being “victimized” by life. True
hearing is a matter of
transcending the “victim strategy” altogether. And true
hearing is the foundation of
spiritual practice.

If you truly examine your own life of reaction, you will
observe that, by tendency, you use events, happenings, and
experiences to justify your own egoity. But, in truth, there
are no excuses for being an ego. Egoity is not caused from
without. Egoity is now your own activity. Egoity is your own
choice in the face of the conditions of manifested
existence. And the persistent choice to be an ego winds you
into a habit that binds you in the midst of all

True hearing is a unique Gift to
who rightly and truly embrace the ordeal of
listening. True hearing is the
first great realization and the basis on which the entire
advanced and ultimate Process of
The Way of the Heart develops.
Thus, The Way of the Heart is
not an ego-based developmental process, but an
ego-transcending Process that goes beyond even all of the
first six stages of life in the Transcendental, Inherently
Spiritual, and Truly Divine Self-Realization.

That which is to be Realized
is not among conditions, and not among causes and effects.
It is not caused, It cannot be caused, and It cannot be
Realized as the effect of any cause. That Which is to be
Realized Is Inherently and Always Already The Case whenever
there is no self-contraction. Therefore, in order to Most
Perfectly Realize Real God, or Truth, or Reality, all forms
of self-contraction, all forms of seeking, and all bondage
to conditions must be transcended. Even all energy –
processes in the body-mind, whether of natural bodily energy
or of Spirit-Energy, must be transcended. No energy process
is Liberating in the most ultimate sense. Without the Grace
of the true hearing, the developmental process is merely
part of the human potential. But, for one who hears, the
entire developmental process, including its Spiritually
Awakened stages, is part of the means of real
self-transcendence – not part of a process of
self-development. That Which is to be Realized is Prior to
conditions – and That Which is Prior to conditions is not
obvious until the self-contraction is transcended. This
reaction to conditions takes the form of the illusion of
separateness and the life of separativeness. Separateness is
the foundation pain, and it is self-caused.

Prior to self-contraction, Prior to all illusions of
separateness, all illusions of relatedness, and all
illusions of caused suffering, is the Feeling of Being.
Suffering is entirely your own action. The body-mind can
experience pain in difficult conditions, but the domain of
pain is not the Domain of Liberation, or the Domain of
Truth. In order to deal with pain, you must do much more
than merely “getting in touch” with your history of
suffering and identifying its seeming causes. Preoccupation
with your suffering and its causes is nothing more than the
fascinated gaze of Narcissus, enamored of his own
reflection. No matter how much you dwell on it or
investigate it, you cannot change what happened in the past.
The only thing you can change is your own reaction to what
happened in the past. And, whatever your patterns of
reaction are, they are nothing but manifestations of the
fundamental process of egoity – self-contraction, movement
into separateness, reaction to conditions, and seeking in
the midst of conditions. Rather than perpetuating this
useless cycle of suffering, you must transcend the
self-contraction itself, in the face of all suffering –
actual or potential, past or present or future.

Every living being is experiencing permanent difficulty.
I Am here to show you The Way of
the Heart out of difficulty. I know
what that Way requires and it is your
to follow The Way of the Heart I have
revealed and given.

Egoity is bondage. And egoity makes bondage. This bondage
continues on and on, never coming to an end – until you
understand yourself most fundamentally, by truly

Therefore, to fully practice The Way of the Heart is to
transcend the illusion that you are “victimized” by the
universe and trapped in the body-mind. This transcendence is
the true hearing. The Way of Adidam is not a matter of
seeking any particular conditions on the basis of the
self-contraction. The Way of Adidam is a matter of directly
observing, understanding, and transcending the self
contraction, in the midst of conditions, by always entering
into Communion with Truth and The
Transcendental Divine Conditon