The Effort Toward Union Has Nothing to Do with Realization – Love of Me Must Be the Measure of Your Intimacies

The Effort Toward Union Has
Nothing to Do with Realization

Adi Da Samraj

May 25, 1992


Realization is not about
someone realizing union with someone, or with anything. If
there is any effort along those lines, it has nothing to do
with Realization.

In a motive toward
union, such an effort has
nothing to do with Realization. The traditions are filled
with methods, philosophies, and goals that are built upon
the model of the search for union a
model of a separate someone trying to get rid of the
feeling of separateness by reaching toward another

It is precisely this effort that must be understood and
transcended. When there is no such effort, no pursuit of
union, then there is Realization.

You must understand that this is absolutely impossible.
It is not possible at all to fulfill yourself or to achieve
fulfillment or Realization by any means that seeks for

This does not mean that you can instantaneously argue
yourself out of this motive. I am telling you that any
process of such “consideration” must be a process of
self-observation and self-understanding.
You must come to the point where the motive to union itself
is thoroughly understood and ceases to control your

You must
transcend your separate and separative self
through self-observation and
self-understanding which is the process of sadhana
You then you tend to superimpose
the model of seeking, or non
-seeking on your sadhana.
ou tend to superimpose it on all relations and all
functions, all aspects of life and think your already
enlightened. All seeking is
basically a search for union, re-union
or non-union

I said many times before you
must observe and understand this
effort in the context of each stage of life. You cannot
merely choose to bypass any stage. You must understand it.
You must understand it very directly in a participatory
manner. You cannot merely by “considering” My Instruction
assume the asana of the Realization of the seventh stage of
life. You must do the sadhana.

Human beings are originally adapted to and bound to the
efforts associated with the first three stages of life. You
accumulate these stages one by one from the foundation years
of development. And, characteristically, human beings do not
exceed the efforts associated with the first three stages of
life. I Call you to Realize the seventh stage, but you must
do so by enduring the sadhana, the tapas, the ordeal, of
self-transcendence, stage by stage. The first three stages
of life are the root of your adaptation, the root of your
bondage. They describe your egoity, until you truly grow
beyond them and enter for real into the stages of life
beyond the third.

In general, you are all only beginning the religious
life, adapting to the fourth stage of life in a rudimentary
fashion. You cannot fully enter even into the fourth stage
of life, or do sadhana in the context of the fourth stage of
life, until this adaptation and bondage in the context of
the first three stages of life is thoroughly understood.
Such understanding is a very profound matter. It is a
profound ordeal.

You may observe in yourself and in the entire gathering
of My devotees that there is no grand march to the advanced
and the ultimate stages of life in the Way of the Heart.
Many seem to presume advancement in themselves, but that is
also part of the deluding capability associated with the
first three stages of life. At the root of this bondage in
the first three stages of life is the emotional-sexual
character. This is why, then, My “Consideration” with you
over these twenty years has very directly and very
frequently involved the emotional-sexual matter, not because
of some prurient interest of yours but because it is
absolutely essential that you deal with this dimension of

Why do you think I spent so much time and effort
“Considering” this matter with you in the years of My
Teaching Work? To Instruct you I have no choice but to deal
with this matter. Yet you have basically asked Me to step
aside from that Work and let you become an idealized
gathering that bases itself on idealistic presumptions. You
put on the attitude, the cloak, the appearance, of religion.
You turn the Way of the Heart into another form of
conventional religiosity, in which you dare not speak up or
certainly do anything very dramatic about your sexual

In the process of this sadhana
you must come to the point, through
self-understanding, of relinquishing the motive of union
with another, because the fundamental understanding, the
core of this sadhana, is the transcendence of the motive
toward union, or the search based on self-contraction, the
search for any conditional object, stage, condition, or
other. You have relinquished this motive when you understand
yourself thoroughly in these terms and when you have come to
the point of realizing that the motive toward the search, in
sexual terms or in any other terms, must fail. It cannot be
satisfied. It is itself bondage. The emotional-sexual search
is binding. It is another characteristic of egoity, but it
is a particular characteristic of the born human individual
adapted to the context of the first three stages of

If you are to enter into the intensive process of
transcending the motives and bondage of the first three
stages of life, you must be in a position to relinquish the
choices that that adaptation seems to enforce. This does not
mean that when you transcend the emotional-sexual motive as
bondage you suddenly are absolutely free. You will always
discover more motives, more seeking, in each stage of

Most Perfect Realization then is not dissociated and it
is also not familiar with anything. There is no contraction.
And What Is, is Obvious. There is only One, Absolute Being
and Field, inherently Unmodified, appearing in the Forms of
Its own modification. This Realization is Liberating. It is
Itself Liberation.

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