The Way is Forever – Realization is Absolute


“It cannot even be said that there is growth in God
Communion. It does not change. You do not begin with
feeling-attention and then gradually add to it visions of
blue deities and subtle realms, which also, along with this
love, become God-Communion. No, God-Communion is always the
same. It is never any different from your realization of it
in this very instant.”
The Way That I Teach, p.65

The following essay
is from
of the Whole Body
Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John), p. 570.

The Way Is Forever, but the
Realizaion Is Absolute

The Way is Sacrifice of

The Realization is that no objects

The Way is self-transcending
Love-Communion with the Living and Divine

The Realization is the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness, in which there are not
objects, no differentiated conditions.

As long as the conventions of
experience persist, there must be the Way and the
Realization, both.

Those who seem to practice the Way,
full of self-denial, meditation, and good acts, but who do
not Realize the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness in
every moment, have only emptied themselves.

Those who constantly speak of the
Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, indulging their minds
in concepts of emptiness, transparency, and pure space, but
who do not practice the Way of self-transcending
Love-Communion in every moment, are only full of

In every moment, there must be the
Way and the Realization, simultaneous, actual, and true, as
long as the conventions of experience persist.

Then there is only Radiant Fullness,
or Love, without dilemma, without self, and without inherent
circumstance, even in every moment of the Mystery of all

I am the Consciousness behind
attention, the Self from which mind arises.

I am the Radiant Life that pervades
the world, the energy of which every object is the

Love Me with open eyes. Turn to Me
beyond all experience and every thought. Let Me live you.
Dissolve in My Current of Bliss.