The Life of Understanding – Franklin Jones – The Knee of Listening Lessons

The Life of Understanding Series

A twelve week course
taught by Bubba Free John starting in January

Life of Understanding –
Lessons on the Knee of


“I called it the thumbs just like I
called the spiritual light the “bright.” I would not allow
it to take place fully. Automatic resistance would take
place. But these two experiences that took place in this
period of the drug trials are interesting because they were
both demonstrations of aspects of the circle of force which
is native to life.

Here the descending in the form of
the thumbs, and prior to that the ascending in the form of
recollection of the embryonic rotate. I go on here just to
describe the difference between this experience of the
thumbs and what took place in later times in meditation,
when it was finally allowed to take place.

When it was allowed to take place,
then a third element was demonstrated, and that is the unity
of the descending and the ascending life. When the thumbs
were allowed to penetrate completely, when there was opening
to it, full allowance of it in consciousness and life there
was a reversal, what I felt at the time as a reversal of the
current of awareness, of the current of life. And all it
was, really, was the descending fully descended and
connected then with the ascending. And at that point there
was the loss of the sense of containment, either up or down,
as complete movement into the fully realized spherical or
continuous circular motion of force without obstruction, and
when that occurred the condition of manifest existence
became coincident with and equivalent to full illumination
or realization. It no longer provided an obstruction. Living
in the manifest condition then, was the same as being
eternal, immortal, the samadhi of the full circle (which was
enjoyed later on) which began to be enjoyed later on, is in
the third aspect of this revelation of the human

“….doing sadhana in the life
vehicles, in the functional life. It even goes on to include
subtler aspects, more profound aspects of the conscious
process and the yogic process.”


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