What Consciousness Is



Intrinsic and Perfectly egoless Self-Consciousness

Always Already Standing Free,

Prior To All egoic self-Identification

With Mind, Body, and World

Is The True Divine and Acausal

Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality


DEVOTEE: Beloved Adi Da, a few weeks ago, in meditation,
I felt that I was standing in the position of attention
itself. I was regarding an Image of Your Person-and Your
bodily (human) Divine Form was Attractive Beyond words. I
felt an impulse to turn to You more deeply, Beyond
attention. In that moment, ordinary bodily awareness
returned. My question is: Can a person standing in the
position of attention be aware of attention itself, feel the
limit of it, and intuit Your Divine Position Beyond
attention? Or is the awareness of attention only possible
because You have Drawn Your devotee, momentarily, into the
Witness-Position of Consciousness, Beyond attention


AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: What you have just described has
nothing to do with the Witness-Position-or Consciousness
Itself. You have not described anything but the functioning
of attention. The true Witness-Position Is Consciousness
Itself, Always Already Prior to attention-and Prior to all
other contents of the body-mind”self’. At face value, your
description suggests an in-depth “experience” in which the
bare, causal-“root” position of the body-mindcomplex became
the basis for your observing My Form (and any other
conditions you were aware of at the time). Such an
“experience” is simply an in-depth “experience” in the
context of the body-mind-complex-and, especially, in the
context of its “root” (or causal) position, which is,
fundamentally, the position of attention.

The Witness-Consciousness (or, the Intrinsic and Always
Already Prior Self-State That Is Consciousness Itself) Is
Prior to all. gross, subtle, and causal conditions. It Is
Prior to attention. The Witness-Consciousness is not an
active observer. It is not the discriminating mind. It is
not the thinking mind. It is not the etheric body. It is not
the gross sensations that define physical awareness.

No matter what arises-gross, subtle, or causal-you,
Beyond egoity, are the Mere (or inherently actionless, and
Intrinsically egoless) Witness-Consciousness (or
Consciousness Itself). Not the observer, not attention-the
Mere Witness-Consciousness (Itself). You are Prior to all
conditional states and all conditional “experiences”. As the
Witness-Consciousness, you have no inherent connection to
(or dependence upon) any conditions whatsoever. The True
Awakening to the “Perfect Practice” of the Reality-Way of
Adidam (or Adidam Ruchiradam) is founded in the
Awakening to the Witness-Position-and that transition occurs
in the context of the full Yogic and Transcendental
Spiritual process that I have Described in My
Reality-Teaching. Only in That Awakening to the
WitnessPosition (and, thereby, to the “Perfect Practice” of
the Reality-Way of Adidam) is there practice Beyond the
exercise of attention (and, indeed, Beyond the exercise of
an conditional apparatuswhether causal, subtle, or

The “experience” you describe was simply a temporary
deepening of conditional awareness, not the Awakening to the
WitnessConsciousness. In such a circumstance of
“experience”-or in any other circumstance-your practice is
to responsively turn the faculties of the body-mind-“self”
to Me, and (thereby) to forget the contents of the
faculties. Gross, subtle, and causal contents are all
forgotten, in the sheerly responsive act of turning to

There is no greater bondage than attention. Attention is
the “root”-ego. Attention is the feeling of separateness,
the feeling of relatedness, the feeling of otherness, and
the feeling of “difference”. All of those feelings are
inherent in attention itself. Attention is the causal
bondage (or “root”-bondage)-and there is no Awakening to the
Witness-Consciousness until attention itself, with all
associated presumptions and feelings, is transcended in the
Prior Condition of Consciousness Itself.

When the Witness-Consciousness is truly Realized, there
is no doubt about it. The Realization does not happen for
just a moment. True Awakening to the Witness-Consciousness
is permanent. True Awakening to the Witness-Consciousness is
Un-conditional and Non-conditional. True Awakening to the
Witness-Consciousness is not an “experience” that merely
comes and goes.

When I Ask My devotees, “Isn’t it true that, no matter
what arises, in any moment-even now you Are the Witness of
it, even of attention itself?”, My devotees invariably say,
“Yes.” But their answer does not signify that they have
Realized the WitnessConsciousness. They may enjoy a tacit
sense that What I am Saying is True, but such is not their
Realization-because they are “sitting in” (or being) the
“self”-contraction. They have received and responded to My
“Question” in the context of the “self ‘-contraction.

Although there is something tacitly obvious about the
fact that, no matter what arises, even if only attention
itself arises, you are the (Inherently actionless, and
Intrinsically egoless) WitnessConsciousness-yet, you (in
your egoic “self’-identification with a separate
body-mind-persona) are not Established As That. When you
respond to My “Consideration” about the
Witness-Consciousness, you are merely intuiting an
approximation of the Witness-Positiona kind of glimpse made
possible by the suspension of the faculties, but not the
actual Establishment of the Witness-Position.

No matter how much you may think you are so Established,
thinking has nothing to do with Realization. Realization of
the Witness-Position is, essentially, a Transcendental
Spiritual process, in right and true devotional Communion
with Me (As I A. Transcendental Spiritual Communion with Me
Reveals the WitnessConsciousness and Establishes It as the
permanent Basis of My devotee’s practice. It is then that
the “Perfect Practice” of the Reality-Way of Adidam begins.
In any case, the Establishment of the Witness-Position is
only the beginning of the process that continues on the
Basis of the Awakening to the Witness-Position.

Of course, some traditions presume that the Awakening to
the Witness-Consciousness is “Enlightenment”, and that the
process ends there. Yet, truly, such Awakening is not the
completion of the Great Process of Divine Self-Realization,
as I have Revealed It to you. Awakening to the
Witness-Consciousness is only the beginning of the “Perfect
Practice” of the Reality-Way of Adidam. In fact, there is no
completion to the Process of Divine Self-Realization in the
context of this “world” or the body-mind-“self’. The
Ultimate Completeness Is Divine Translation Itself-Prior to
and Beyond the body-mind-“self’ and its “world”.

I Am Divine Translation. I Am Priorly Established and
herePresent As That. If it were not so, I could not Utter
these words. How do you suppose I “Know” that What I am
Telling you Is True? It is because I am not merely “looking
forward” to Divine Translation-I Am Divine Translation. I Am
Always Already Established As That. I am Speaking to you
Already Established in That Position. Divine Translation Is
the Unique Nature of My Divine Avataric Self-Incarnation-and
Divine Translation Is What makes My Divine Incarnation


AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Ordinarily, the body-mind-complex
is associated with the feelings of separateness,
relatedness, otherness, and “difference”. All of those
feelings are characteristics of the separate “point of view”
that is the psycho-physical entity (or the ego). Reality
Itself-the Reality-Condition (or the True and Very
SelfNature, Self-Condition, and Self-State) in Which the
apparent ego arises-does not have any of those
characteristics. The RealityCondition Is simply
Self-Existing. Therefore, the Reality-Condition Is
Inherently Free of the characteristics of separateness,
relatedness, otherness, and “difference”.

The Reality-Condition Tacitly Self-Apprehends As Is. It
Is the Self-Existing (and Tacit) Self-Apprehension. It Is
the Inherent (or Native) Tacit Self-Apprehension of
Being-not the conditionally arising feeling of relatedness.
When I use the term “Tacit SelfApprehension of Being”, I am
pointing to This Self-Existing (and Tacit)
Self-Apprehension. The Tacit Self-Apprehension of Being Is
the Non-conditional Context in Which the inherently
conditional feeling of relatedness appears to be

The feeling of relatedness is not inherent in existence.
Rather, the feeling of relatedness is a characteristic of
“self’-contraction. Indeed, the feeling of relatedness is
the first sign of “self’-contraction. The “root”-feeling of
relatedness carries with it, inherently, the feeling of
separateness, the feeling of otherness, and the feeling of
“difference”. Each of those feelings “contains” all the
others. Those feelings are the primary characteristics of
egoity (or “self”-contraction)which is constantly
manifesting as attention itself.

That Which Is the Witness-Consciousness Is Tacitly
SelfApprehending As Is. It Is Self-Existing and Self-Radiant
Conscious Light, the One and Indivisible Current of
Love-Bliss, Consciousness Itself. Therefore, That Which Is
the Witness-Consciousness Is Tacitly Self-Apprehending As
Being, As Is-without the slightest presumption of
“difference”, without the slightest presumption of
separateness, or relatedness, or otherness. In That Tacit
SelfApprehension of Being, none of those principal
characteristics of egoity is presumed to be the case.
Therefore, to be Established in the Reality-Condition (or
the True Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State) is to
Stand Prior to the principal ego-characteristics–of
separateness, relatedness, otherness, and “difference”.

In fact, to be Established in the Reality-Condition is to
Stand Prior to all characteristics, and all “experiences”,
of the body-mind”self’-but not by dissociating from the
body-mind-“self’ and its relations, and not by doing
something “to” the body-mind-“self’ in order to Realize the
Fundamental (or Prior) Condition. The RealityCondition must
be Established As Ls–As Itself, in and of Itself. The
Reality-Condition must be Self-Revealed. This Revelation is
Realized by My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual
Grace, not by the application of “techniques”. There is
nothing you can do “to” the body-mind-complex in order to
Realize the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and
Self-State. Absolutely nothing.

The Divine, As Is, must be Self-Revealed, by Grace. That
is the Only Means by Which Divine Self-Realization can
occur. There is no “technique” that will attain the Divine.
There is no “method” that will attain the Divine. You cannot
get “Here” from “there”. You cannot Realize the Divine
Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State by means of the
body-mind-complex. You cannot Realize the Divine
Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State through any mode
of seeking whatsoever. You cannot Realize the Divine
Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State as a result of
any kind of activity whatsoever.

In Truth, you are not even the faculty of attention. You
Are the Mere Witness-Consciousness (Itself). Nevertheless,
That Which is the Witness-Consciousness is not “you”. It Is
Me! This Truth is regarded to be either fortunate or
unfortunate, depending on your perspective relative to the
necessity for transcending the ego-“I”. If you insist on not
turning to Me with devotion, then this Truth is unfortunate
news-because to Realize That Which Is the
Witness-Consciousness is not within your power. Indeed, to
Realize That Which Is the Witness-Consciousness is not to
identify with (or “locate”) any “thing” (or state) “within”
you at all. On the other hand, if you are moved to turn to
Me in devotional recognition-response to Me, then you know
that you are the most Gifted of beings.



DEVOTEE: Beloved, there is a line in “The First Great
Invocation”‘ which I have never quite
understood-“Consciousness Where I appear and disappear What
is the meaning of that line?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: What Consciousness do you have to
resort to, within which you are aware of_ yourself arising
and disappearing? I am not talking about you in your
conditional destiny. I am Talking about Me. This Invocation
is not about egoic “self’meditation. I (Myself, As I Am) am
not a metaphor for vou. To make the devotional utterance of
right and true Invocation of Me, you must be devotionally
recognizing Me, devotionally responding to Me, Really
Invoking Me by whole bodily devotion to Meand, thus and
thereby, Realizing ecstatic (or ego-transcending) devotional
Communion with Me As I appear, and As I Am). I (Myself, As I
Am Am the Consciousness Wherein and Whereof every “I” arises
and appears and disappears. If there were this devotional
recognition of Me, devotionally responding to Me in the
inherently ecstatic mode of this Invocation, why would there
be any lack of clarity about what the words mean?

DEVOTEE: There would not. AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: This
devotional Invocation is an address to Me. It is not a bit
of philosophy for you to think about yourself and how your
“I” may be appearing or disappearing in something that you
have in mind, now or in the future. It is an Invocation of
Me. To Invoke Me, to devotionally recognize Me to begin
with, such that you could make this Invocation, you must
have found Me to Be the Consciousness in Which “you” appear
and disappear. For this Invocation ever to be completely
(or, truly and really, most profoundly) done, you must truly
(and most profoundly) devotionally recognize Me.

DEVOTEE: We can only appear in You.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: And disappear. If you devotionally
recognize Me, devotionally responding to Me and (in due
course) searchlessly Beholding Me, “I” is left behind. In
that case, there is no “I”. In one moment arising, the “I”
presumes to Invoke Me-while, in the next moment of truly
searchless Beholding of Me, there is no “I”. The “I”
disappears in the searchless ecstatic Beholding of Me. The
“I” made the utterance to Invoke Me, but it disappeared in
the Beholding of Me.

To Behold Me truly, you cannot Behold Me merely as
“Object”, apart from yourself. You must be moved to Me
Beyond yourself. The ego-“self’, or the “self’-contraction
of the body-mind-complex, must be forgotten, gone beyond, in
devotional Communion with Me. To be Communing with Me, you
must have “Located” Me in more than the conventional,
“objective” sense. The whole bodymind-complex must be
yielded in this devotional recognition of Me. The whole
body-mind-complex must be devotionally responding to Me in
this devotional recognition, such that “self”-contraction is
gone beyond in the searchless Beholding of Me As I Am.

Such is the ecstasy of true and Reality-active devotion
to Me. When “I” disappears in the ecstasy of devotion to Me,
in whole bodily devotional recognition-response to Me,
forgetting “self” in Me-Where only I Am now (not merely
“Objective”, but all-andAll-Inclusive)-then there is
Love-Bliss. Love-Bliss Is the Inherent Mood of whole bodily
ego-forgetting devotional recognitionresponse to Me.

To Realize Consciousness Itself is,not to be established
merely as the principle of being “set apart” as awareness.
Rather, to Realize Consciousness Itself is to Realize the
Condition That Consciousness Is. This is a Most Profound

In the face of the “world”, Consciousness Itself seems to
shrink, seems to settle “behind” everything (like an eyeball
behind the fence). However, in Reality, Consciousness Itself
Is a Sphere of Infinite Magnitude-in Which everything
arises, continues, and (at last) passes away.

To Be Perfectly Established As That Which Is
Consciousness Itself Is the “Perfect Practice” of the
only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam. That
Perfect Establishment is a whole bodily Transcendental
Spiritual process, requiring the submission of the entire
psycho-physical vehicle to the Transcendental Spiritual
process of Realizing That Which Is Consciousness (or
Conscious Light) Itself. In that process, the
body-mind-“self’ itself becomes ego-transcending devotional
Communion with Me.

Consciousness Itself Realizes the Intrinsic
Self-Apprehension of Being, Which Is, in Its Deepest
Realization, Well-Being–or LoveBliss Itself, or
Transcendental Spiritual Energy Itself.

Energy Itself Is Consciousness Itself.

Ultimately, This can-and must-Be Realized.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: The “Witness-Position” is not
merely a generalized reference to apparently individual
consciousness (or conscious awareness). “Witness” refers to
the Status of Consciousness Itself.

Consciousness Itself is not the observer of what is
arising, and It is not “causing” what is arising.
Consciousness Itself is not making what arises happen.
Consciousness Itself is not “doing” what arises. People do
animate the (mistaken) presumption that Consciousness Itself
is somehow “doing” what arises. Yet, it is possible to be in
a position to notice exactly how thoughts are arising and
see that they are, in fact, not being done or “caused” by
Consciousness Itself. Thoughts do not arise from
Consciousness Itself. Thoughts are happening in the brain.
Thought is a process associated with the brain, or the

The Acausal Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and
Self-State does not think. To notice this requires a unique
“Location” (Prior to mind, body, and all
space-time-“locatedness” as “point of view”). It is commonly
presumed that the (apparently individual) conscious “self’
is doing the thinking. You presume that you are thinking and
that you are the “subject” of that thinking. You presume you
are the source and “cause” and “doer” of thinking. You
presume that the contents, “questions”, and “problems” of
your thinking are “yours”but this is only a presumption, or
a mere idea. That presumption is not inspected-and, indeed,
that presumption is not true.

As a matter of fact, the “self”-referential
characteristic of language itself enforces this presumption.
If the actual process of the arising of thought or speech
can be tacitly noticed, one can tacitly understand that the
process of thinking, and of speech, is not being done by the
(apparently individual) conscious “self’.

Language does not arise “within”. Language is a construct
of apparent’physical and social relatedness. Language is a
brainconstruct, fabricated “outside” (or entirely apart from
and previous to) all presumptions of “within”. Thus, the
alleged “within” is, entirely on the basis of bodily-based
and socially-constructed language (or mere ideas), merely
and subsequently invented (or reflexively presumed), without
any quantifiable and independent “within” otherwise and
actually arising as “experience”. Therefore, the “I”-thought
(which is the principal “self’-reference in language
constructions) is always presumed merely as a reflexive
physical and social reference. The “I” (or ego) of
language-reference to a presumed separate “self’ is
(originally, intrinsically, and entirely) a bodily and
social “self’-reference. There is no specific, quantifiable,
or directly identifiable particular (or in any sense
separate) “self’, within the sphere of human “experience”
and “knowledge”, to which the egoic “I”-reference can be
said to directly point-except for the bodily “entity”,
functioning (and thinking) within its social and natural
context of environments.

The presumed separate “within” of conventional
“self’-reference is an illusion, fabricated by means of the
psycho-physical contraction of the body (or the physically
and socially environed “self”) toward and upon itself. The
conventional “I”-reference is merely the body-as a
physically and socially environed event-referring to itself.
Therefore, all “inwardness” (or presumed separateness of
“self-within”) is a bodily-based illusion, “caused” by a
misunderstanding (or false implication) of language

If the “I”-thought is directly inspected, the “I” in mind
can be discovered to have no existence apart from language
itself. Therefore, if the Witness-Consciousness is Tacitly
Self-Apprehended, there is neither the illusion of “within”
nor the illusion of “outside”-neither the illusion of mind
nor of body nor of “world”-but only Intrinsically egoless,
Non-separate, and Indivisible Reality Itself Is
SelfEvidently the One, and Only, and Divine Case.

There is no metaphysical “self-within”. There is no
ego-“I” apart from the bodily and social and brain-encoded
“person” of physicallyembodied life. There is no “soul” (or
non-physical “inner-I”).

What, then, is at the depth-level of human awareness?
There is a depth Beyond and Prior to bodily and social
“self’-identitybut that depth is not a separate “within”, or
an “inner” ego-“I”. Rather, the “Deep” of Consciousness
(Itself) Is the Conscious Light That Is Reality Itself-Which
Is Intrinsically egoless, Non-separate, Indivisible, and
Self-Evidently Divine. That “Depth” Is the
WitnessConsciousness-Which Is of a Transcendental Spiritual
and Absolute Nature.

The Witness-Consciousness is not the “I” of mind.

The Witness-Consciousness cannot be Self-“Located” (or
“Its” Realization “caused”) by any action or gesture of

The Witness-Consciousness cannot be Self-“Located” by
means of any search of mind or body-because the
Witness-Consciousness Always Already Stands Prior to all
egoic “self”-identification with mind and body and

All seeking “within” is a reflexive (or
“self’-contracting) gesture of the bodily and social

All seeking (or turning to) “within” is a “self”-bound,
“self”reinforcing, and (inherently) “self’-deluded

All seeking (or turning to) “outside” is a “self’-bound,
“self’reinforcing, and (inherently) “self’-deluded

All seeking-whether to “within” or to “outside”-is
founded on already-presumed “self”-identification with body,
mind, and “world”.

All seeking exercises and reinforces egoic
“self’-identification with mind and body and “world”-and
even all “discoveries” (or all presumed “knowledge”)
achieved by the exercise of egoic “self’identification with
mind and body and “world” merely re-assert the illusion of
separate “self’-consciousness.

All seeking is the exercise of egoity.

The egoic “I”-thought (or the separate-“self’-idea) is
the iconic “self’-representation (or identity-“object”) of
the presumed “point of view” (or the apparent
space-time-“locatedness” of psychophysical attention).

Human beings die-but an icon (like a mirror) comes to
life every time anyone looks at it.

The egoic “-I”-thought is a “self’-representation (or a
“selfobjectifying” device) that is, in effect, an
effort-exercised by means of a kind of iconic fiction-to
abstract and eternalize (and even t6 immortalize) the
otherwise mortal bodily and social “self-entity”.

The seeker-ego is a “self’-fictionalized character,
egoically “self”-projected upon the “world”-stage of the
human mind-play (or “world”-mummery) of rather
theatrically-staged adventures (both comic and tragic).

The icon that is ego-“I” is a hero/heroine of
“self’-adventure, “self’-protected from all failures (and
from death itself) by an illusion of necessity,
accomplishment, “knowledge”, power, and foreverness.

The iconic ego-“I” is the first, last, and fundamental
goal and beloved of its own “self’-reflected and
“self’-imagined theatre of life.

Therefore, all seeking is the “self’-idolization and
active “self’idolatry of “point of view”.

All seeking is “self’-worship or the iconic idealization
of the “point of view” that is the seeker, as if the “point
of view” is the adorable purpose and “object”-of-importance
to the attention of the seeker.

The “inward”-turned search and the “outward”-turned
search are, both and equally, the worship of the
“self’-presumed separate “self” b the “self”-presumed
separate •”self-or the ego-effort of “self’-worship of
(or “self”-meditation on the space-time-bound ego-“I” (or
the presumed separate “self’ of space-time-“location”, or
“point of view”) by the same space-time-bound ego-“I”.

The Intrinsic Self-“Locating” of the Intrinsically
egoless WitnessConsciousness is not a search, not an
ego-effort, and not a meditation (or an “inner” worship)
turned upon the ego-“I”.

The Witness-Consciousness Is simply That-the Mere Witness
(Itself). The Witness-Consciousness Is the Status of the
True Divine (and Acausal) Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and
Self-State That Is Reality Itself. The Witness-Consciousness
is not the “doer” of the events of the body-mind-complex.
The Witness-Consciousness Is Only Itself. The process of
Realization is a Demonstration of the Self-Apprehension of
That Very Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State in the
context of conditionally manifested existence. Divine
Self-Realization is not about the body-mind-complex.
Therefore, the seventh stage Demonstration in the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam is not about the
body-mind-complex. Rather, the seventh stage Demonstration
in the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam
is simply the inevitable course of the Demonstration of
Divine SelfRealization (or Reality-Realization)
Itself-Which, Most Ultimately, Outshines the
body-mind-“self’ and the “world”.

The Conscious Light of Being Itself is not “doing”
anything whatsoever. The body-mind-complex is a “play” on
Reality Itself, a “seeming” that is full of self-“caused”
characteristics. That Which Is the Mere
Witness-Consciousness does not have a body, and is not a
body-mind-“self’. In Truth, there are no forms or
modifications or limitations. You-or the mind of
“self’-illusion-only presume them. The forms, modifications,
and limitations you presume are, in and of themselves,
non-existent-although they seem to exist. In Reality, they
are nothing but transparent (or merely apparent), and
non-necessary, and intrinsically non-binding modifications
of the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and
Self-State-Reality Itself, Which Is Always Already The Case.
When you are Established in That, by That, As That-by virtue
of My Transcendental Spiritual Divine Blessing-Invasion,
That Turns you about and “inside” out and “outside” in, and
Vanishes ego-“I” in My Sight-then you Awaken from your false
presumptions. You are simply misinterpreting what you are
seeing in the Mirror That Is Reality Itself. You do not know
what you are looking at, “Narcissus”. You think it is an
“other”-but the “other” is only y .

It is possible to tacitly notice that thoughts arise
without any kind of intention on the part of conscious
awareness. If a presumed individual “self’ (or individual
conscious awareness) were doing the thinking-or if a thought
were to appear concretely as a verbal conceptual noticing of
some kind, or if the individual consciousness were thinking
what became manifested as a thought-there would have to be
something preceding the thought, which the individual
consciousness would “know” and do. However, the (apparently)
individual consciousness (or individual conscious awareness)
does not “know” or do anything in order to “cause” a thought
to appear. If conscious awareness were “causing” thoughts to
arise, the individual consciousness would have to think
something and then “cause” that preliminary thought to take
the form of a thought!

You’can think something and then speak, but you can also
speak without thinking before you speak. What is going on
when there is speaking and no pre-thinking? Where is the
speech coming from? Who is thinking it? The conscious
awareness that presumes it is doing the thinking is, in
Reality, not doing the thinking-because the conscious
awareness is not doing anything except standing there being
itself, merely reflecting the thinking. To do that takes no
more activity than a mirror must perform to reflect your
face. The mirror does not have to do anything. You need only
look at the mirror.

There is no activity of conscious awareness that precedes
a thought. The association between conscious awareness and
the brain exhibits thinking as one of its characteristics.
Yet, thought is a product of the brain, not of conscious

There are subtler conditions of conditionally manifested
“experience” in which there is no physical brain-although
there is certainly a functioning subtle network of some kind
that is the equivalent of a brain, something that can
conduct the energies and proceedings that are associated
with thoughts, and so on. Similarly, there are subtle forms
of existence which are not physically incarnate, but which
may appear to be, thinking. Yet, the fact that such forms
exist does not necessarily suggest that they are thinking-or
that the Very Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and SelfState in
Which they are appearing is doing any thinking.

In the case of every conditionally manifested being
(whether existing in a gross or a subtle dimension of the
cosmic domain), there is a conditional mechanism enabling
the function of memory and the apparent awareness of “self’
and “other”-and the habitual “self’-contraction of that
entire mechanism pre-determines the individual’s
presumptions about existence. The “self’-contraction is the
“root”-attitude of the ego-bound body-mind-complex, the
attitude that is manifested whenever the ego-bound
body-mind-complex thinks or speaks. The “self’-contraction
is the presumption of separateness, the presumption of
“self’ existing “in” a “world”.

You presume that “the body-mind-‘self’ in the world” is
your first “experience”, and you speak of your “within” as
if you are “outside” your “within”. You presume that you are
“outside” your “inside”, and that your “inside” is “deep in
there”. That presumption is not inspected, nor is it
“known”-it is merely presumed. It is not “experienced”. It
is, simply and naively, spoken of as if it were so.

Language is a convention that already presumes egoity and
bodily existence. Language is a means of interaction between
presumed egos, between presumed formally-existing_ entities.
Language is not about the Acausal Divine Self-Nature,
Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself, in Which
those entities are (apparently) arising. Rather, language is
about the exchanges between entities as entities, as
body-minds. Thus, thought and speech come from the
body-mind-complex, not from Consciousness Itself.

Further evidence that thought and speech come from the
body-mind-complex is the fact that people sometimes speak
without “knowing” that they are talking. For instance,
someone who is asleep can be talking and not be aware of
doing so. It is even possible to have conversations with
people while they sleep, and they will have no memory of
having spoken. Who was talking? The brain-mind or the body
was talking.

You identify with the body-mind-complex through.
“self”contraction. The apparent association (or apparent
connection) between That Which Is the Mere
Witness-Consciousness (or Nondifferentiated Conscious Light)
and the apparently arising bodymind-complex is the source of
the (false) presumption that That Which Is the Mere
Witness-Consciousness (or Non-differentiated Conscious
Light) is the. body-mind-complex, and that That Which Is the
Mere Witness-Consciousness is Appearing in the form that the
body-mind-complex (itself) is presuming. Language is the
means whereby the Non-differentiated Conscious Light of
Being Itself presumes to be identified with “Narcissus” (or
the ego-“I”). Human beings make an entire culture out of
this presumption, an entire lifetime out of it. You make
every moment out of it.

You presume that the body and the “world” are the first
“experience”, whereas you do not even have any awareness of
the body or of the “world” until after they have already
happened. To have any perception takes time. Yes, perhaps
only a fraction of elapsed time-but, nevertheless, it takes
time for the perception of the “world” and the perception of
the body to be registered. For the mechanism of the
body-mind-complex to register a perception requires just
that fraction of elapsed time that it takes energy to travel
the distance required for the bodily cycle of perceiving to

Therefore, you do not “experience” the body first or
thought first or the “world” first. You do not even
“experience” the body, thought, or the “world” in real time!
They are always artifacts of the past. Always. All
conditional “experiencing” is of the past. There is no
present-time “experience”. There is no present time. There
is only past time. The Real Present is not in time. The Real
Present Is the Mere Witness-Consciousness. The Real Present
Is Conscious Light. The Real Present Is Prior to the
body-mind-“self’. The Real Present is not identified with
the body-mind-“self’. The Real Present Is Reality
Itself-Perfectly Prior to the body-mind”self’, all thought,
and all of conditionally arising “world”.

The body-mind-“self’ is a kind of “parasite” on the
Nondifferentiated Conscious Light-making use of it as you
make use of the electricity generated by the power company
when you plug a lamp into the wall. The power company sends
you a bill. There is also a price for the presumption of the
separate body-mind-“self’ a bill of suffering that you can
never pay off! The price that you are billed for your little
lifetime is unpayable.

The Reality-Condition Is the Acausal Divine Self-Nature,
SelfCondition, Source-Condition, and Self-State of
all-and-All. If you are Granted the Gift of Standing in That
Position, Self-Abiding in That Position, then you have been
Granted the Gift of the “Perfect Practice” of “Perfect
Knowledge”. It becomes Tacitly Obvious that all “questions”
(and all “problems”) are inherently answered. The Nature of
Reality Itself is Tacitly Obvious. There is absolutely no
“difference”, no separation-and the actual status of
thinking and of perception and of the “world” is inherently

The “Perfect Practice” of “Perfect Knowledge” is not a
merely philosophical conviction that the “subjective”
interior is really the Source of the “world”. The “Perfect
Practice” of “Perfect Knowledge” is not something you
believe merely because it is stated convincingly in some
philosophical summary. No. In the Divine SelfPosition,
“Perfect Knowledge” is Inherently Obvious. In the Divine
Self-Position, the Status of everything is Inherently
Obvious, not argued. There is Always Already no thought in
That Position.

The “Perfect Practice” of Adidam is not about
intentionally assuming the Position (or the Attitude) of
“Mere Witness”. You cannot do that. You can strategically
assume the attitude of observing, but to observe is a
function of the brain-mild. To observe, to discriminate, and
to think are all functions of the subtle body. Those
functions are all characteristics of brain-mind-or of the
mechanics, at any rate, of the complex of gross and subtle

The “root” (or causal) dimension is the “root”
ego-dimension, the dimension of the “root”-contraction.
There are fundamentals in that dimension. The feelings of
separateness, relatedness, otherness, and “difference”
comprise the inherent characteristics of the causal
dimension (or “root” ego-dimension) of conditionally
apparent awareness. The feelings of separateness,
relatedness, otherness, and “difference” are the “root” of
all limitations that are otherwise reflected in the
brain-mind. All the patterns that govern brain-mind
presumptions are in the “root”-dimension.

You (as the presumed body-mind-“self”) can observe-but
you (as the presumed body-mind-“self”) cannot be the Witness
Consciousness, because That Which Is the
Witness-Consciousness is not (in the active, or functional,
sense) “witnessing”. “Witnessing” is a kind of activity-it
is (functionally) observing. That Which Is the
Witness-Consciousness, the “Root”-Condition, is not doing
any “witnessing”.

I use the term “Witness-Consciousness” to Describe the
actual (or always present-time) Status of Consciousness
Itself, to indicate that Consciousness Itself is not active
in any sense. It is not “doing” or “thinking”. Consciousness
Itself is not “doing” the activities of the body.
Consciousness Itself Is Prior to all action. The Condition
That Is Always Already The Case is not thinking. It is not
that thinking must somehow be controlled or stopped, and
then what is “left over” is the Witness-Consciousness. To
stop thinking is something you can do (somehow or other, by
various means, but only temporarily) to the
body-mind-“self”. But to Be Prior to thought is to Be-That
Which Is the Witness-Consciousness. The
Witness-Consciousness does not have to stop thinking in
order to Be What It Is. It is always already not

Therefore, That Which.Is the Witness-Consciousness is not
limited (or defined) by the characteristics of language. The
characteristics of separateness, relatedness, otherness, and
“difference” are inherent in language. Language is built on
these structures. Language is built on the illusion of
egoity-or of separate “self” in a “world” of separateness,
relatedness, otherness, and “difference”. The Fundamental
Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State-That Which Is
the Witness-Consciousness-does not manifest any of those
structures. That Which Is the Witness-Consciousness has none
of the structures of language, none of the structures of
egoity. That Which is the Witness-Consciousness has nothing
to do with any of that. It Stands Free. It Is Prior to all

To be Established in That Position (by My Divine Avataric
Transcendental Spiritual Grace) is the beginning of the
Great Process of the “Perfect Practice” of the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam. The Establishment
in the WitnessPosition is the beginning of the Ultimate
Manifestation of the Reality-Way of Adidam-Which (in due
course) becomes the seventh stage Demonstration, in Which
everything is (Tacitly, and Inherently) Divinely
Self-Recognizable, without illusion, without the limitations
of language or egoity or body-mind. Most Ultimately, the
Force of That Self-Abiding Divine Self-Recognition Infuses
all conditionally manifested “experience” to the point of
Outshining-and That Is Divine Translation.

The “Perfect Practice” of the Reality-Way of Adidam is
the Demonstration that becomes Divine Translation. The
“Perfect Practice” is not merely about becoming Established
in the WitnessPosition, as if that Realization were an
“end-phenomenon”. The Witness-Position is not an
“end-phenomenon”. The Witness-Position is simply the first
Gift Granted by My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual
Grace to My “Perfect Practice” devotees. Establishment As
the Witness-Consciousness is only the beginning of the
process of Real Existence.

I have Summarized the “Perfect Practice” of the
Reality-Way of Adidam Thus: “Be Consciousness (Itself),
`Contemplate’ Consciousness (Itself), Transcend everything
in Consciousness (Itself).” This is a simple summary of the
Process whereby the “Perfect Practice” becomes the Ultimacy
of the seventh stage Demonstration. Thus, once you have been
Granted the Gift of Self-Abiding As That Which Is the
Witness-Consciousness, the Witness-Position must be entered
into. The Witness-Consciousness Is Its Own Domain. The
Witness-Consciousness is not “doing”,something. The
WitnessConsciousness Is (Only) Itself. My devotee enters
into the WitnessPosition by Means of the devotional and
Transcendental Spiritual process in relationship to Me. The
Witness-Position is entered into by Means of My Divine
Avataric Transcendental Spiritual GraceMy Divine Avataric
Transcendental Spiritual Self-Transmission in the
circumstance of Non-“difference” (or Non-separation) from
Me, Which is the most intense mode of devotion to Me, the
“Perfect” form of devotion to Me.

The “Perfect Practice” of the Reality-Way of Adidam is
not about being independently a “something” that is “the
same” as I Am. The “Perfect Practice” of the Reality-Way of
Adidam is about having become Perfectly turned to Me As I
Am). In the process that (in due course) Establishes (and,
then, Demonstrates) the “Perfect Practice” of the
Reality-Way of Adidam, My Divine Avataric Transcendental
Spiritual Self-Transmission Awakens That Which Is the
Witness-Consciousness (and not the “doer”) to Itself, in and
of Itself, As Itself-so that It Is “Known” and Realized.
This Awakening is not the achievement of some process, act,
or state of the active observing of the body-mind-complex.
Rather, That Awakening is the Perfect Realization of the
Domain of Conscious Light Itself. That Perfect Realization
becomes (in due course) the seventh stage (or Most Perfect)
Awakening, in Which everything is Divinely

Self-Abiding Divine Self-Recognition (or seventh stage
Demonstration) shows Itself in the four stages of
spontaneous SelfDemonstration I have Described. Divine
Transfiguration, Divine Transformation, Divine Indifference,
and Divine Translation-these are the inevitable stages of
the only-by-Me Revealed and Given seventh stage
Demonstration. These stages are the (Spontaneously
Unfolding) Self-Evident Signs of the seventh stage
Demonstration, not the “doings” of the seventh stage
process. These stages are the inevitable Demonstration of
the Self-Abiding Divine SelfRecognition of apparent
phenomenal (or conditional) existence.

The non-necessity of conditional existence is the Basis
of the seventh stage Demonstration in the Reality-Way of
Adidam. The Demonstration of the seventh stage of life in
the Reality-Way of Adidam is a “Brightening”, to the point
of Outshining. The onlyby-Me Revealed and Given seventh
stage of life in the Reality-Way of Adidam is the
Demonstration of the Divine Conscious Light. The seventh
stage of life in the Reality-Way of Adidam is the Divine
Demonstration of the non-necessity of the “world”. Most
Ultimately, the seventh stage of life in the Reality-Way of
Adidam is Divine Translation into My Divine Self-Domain-not
by leaving the conditional domain, but by Outshining it.

These Words of Mine are suggestive of something that may
convey meaning to you. Yet, These Words I am Uttering are
(Themselves) a Direct Self-Revelation of and As the
intrinsically egoless Acausal Divine Reality Itself.