What is the essence? What does it mean to commune with you? – Bubba Free John




Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj), 1974


AUDIENCE: We’re talking about the realization that would
be true if we would only commune with you. No doubt you’ve
said it a thousand times before.

ADI DA: …or at least that many times.

AUDIENCE: What is the essence at least in terms of what
does it really mean, the essence.

ADI DI: Its essence is not what it means. Its essence is
the action. You are presently obsessed with your logic and
the destiny that you conceive from your present born point
of view. It has its own gesture. It has all of its own
impulses, all outlines subjectively. It has its whole future
outlined in desire and it would do if it were dramatized,
incarnated, all the things that bypass this consideration,
but if you will hear me, then your attention will be
liberated from destiny, from time and space.

That doesn’t mean that you will not see tendencies and
see your present life and so forth, it will continue and it
will be the discipline of your existence. On the other hand,
your attention will remain with me and it will not be
confused by destinies, by desires, by thoughts. It will be
fixed. It will be absolute. It will be full of love. It will
be heartfelt without logic, without thinking, without
desiring. It will be pure attention and that attention is

Wherever your attention lies without confusion, that is
what you realize. If you will give me your attention through
true hearing, if you will be gravitated toward me in every
moment so that all of your desiring, even your inevitability
becomes superficial and all of that quality that arises from
moment to moment will be truly superficial. Its impact will
be lost. It won’t create incarnation. It will create heat

It will be frustrated in its goal and you will meditate
on the fire and that fire will be your attention to me so
that your attention from hour to hour will become more
fiery, more intense, more loving, more sacrificial, more
absurd, less and less the character that you are born to be
and live and die but you see there must come into your case
a sympathy more profound than your inevitability, a sympathy
more profound than your logic.

Your logic, your presumption will remain, as artifacts of
your subjectivity but your attention will stay with me. It
will stay with me at every moment. When we are present with
one another in our born forms, your natural emotional
sympathy will stay with me.

We will love one another absolutely and when we are not
in one another’s sight, we will recollect one another in
love, sometimes in thought also, but in love and sympathy.
In feeling attention we will stay with one another and so my
meditation will be your meditation because you are with

You commune with me. It has nothing to do with whether I
live or die once you realize your attachment to me.

from an unpublished talk


Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj)