Why the World Can Not be Saved

Why the World Can Not be Saved


This world of earth is not merely a physical world made
by God (or created by some mysterious chemical atomic

This world of earth, like all conditional worlds, is a
psycho-physical world that inheres in Divine Reality. (It is
manifested as apparent physical form, hard, soft, hot and

There is no direct, or purposive cause of all conditional

(There) is the ultimate, and inherently perfect, and
perfectly subjective Source-Condition, The One in (which)
all events arise, change, and disappear.

Even every effect and every conditional being is
functioning as a creative cause in this world.

Therefore, every effect and every conditional being and
every creative cause plays upon Reality itself, but only
those effects, conditional beings, and creative causes that
are utterly submitted and aligned to Divine Reality can be
made to function as transparent means for the revelation of
God within the cosmic domain.

God, Truth and Reality simply stands, eternally free. The
relationship between the unconditional reality and the
conditional reality is, inherently, a mystery. That inherent
mystery is made evident in every detail of conditional
existence, but the secret of that mystery is perfectly
obvious only when consciousness participates in the great
sacrifice of every detail of conditional existence. Apart
from the process of such self-sacrifice, it is not possible
to truly identify the signs of God. And, until there is
inherent God-Realization, a conditional being, effect, or
cause is only potentially Divine. And even whatever
condition or conditional being or conditional state of being
is Divinely transfigured and Divinely transformed by the
Self-Existing Divine Self-Radiance is also utterly outshined
in Divine translation.

All conditional effects and beings and causes are acting
and reacting in a great asymmetrical plastic that
mysteriously commands both order and disorder, so that no
ultimate order, goal, or final conditional fulfillment is
ever attained. The conditional worlds and beings are not an
end in themselves. They only seem to be an end to
themselves. In fact, all conditional beings are inherently
and constantly called to grow beyond and to go beyond,
through self-understanding and through self transcending and
world-transcending love of the Living God.

The conditional cosmos is not a “moral universe” in the
conventional sense. There is no absolute and sufficient
system of social imperatives or laws of public and private
morality. Right and self-transcending action is necessary,
but it must be generated intelligently and, ultimately, on
the basis of the sacrificial or self-transcending motive of
love-communion with the Divine person.

Neither the alpha morality of strategically pursued
escape nor the omega morality of creative change is a
principle founded on truth. Alpha and omega are simply the
conventional basis for social morality, public order,
popular culture, and egoic struggle. The great principle is
self-transcending love-communion with the Self-Radiant and
Self Existing Divine, expressed through the ordeal of the
advanced stages of human life. Therefore, true or right
morality is, in truth, the morality of universal sacrifice,
or self-transcending love of God.

The conditional psycho-physical worlds are a great
process of sacrifice. No conditional thing or being or world
is an end in itself. Even so, this sacrifice is a feast of
love-bliss, even a swoon of joy, if the principle of
self-transcending CGod-ommunion is Realized.

The ultimate morality of universal sacrifice is founded
on the understanding that sacrifice of the conditional self
in Divine communion is the expression of truth, whereas the
motives of escape and dominance are, at best, only a search
for truth.

There is no absolute system of moral imperatives in this
domain of universal sacrifice. There is no absolute order of
laws in conditional nature.

All of this is aligned toward sacrifice, going beyond, or
transcendence, and thus toward realization of the Divine

The practice of the ultimate way of self-sacrifice is
individual, always present, generally producing harmony,
even sometimes disorderly, and inherently free. The
conventional moralities are each sometimes engaged, in a
dynamic play of application, but one who practices
self-transcending love of God in the context of conditional
relations and events always exceeds the limits of alpha and

Actions in the mode of alpha allow detachment, calm, even
purity, orderliness, and desireless effectiveness, but alpha
has no moral rule or effective means in situations of social
chaos and human disorder that require “creative” and even
aggressive action. Just so, actions in the mode of omega can
achieve many individual and collective goals, but, on its
own, the omega strategy eventually leads to the
exploitation, degradation, and suppression of the individual
and mankind, because the omega strategy is not based on a
regard for the total necessity and obligation of the
individual human being. Therefore, beyond virtue, duty, and
the “creative” or aggressive pursuit of goals of conditional
change, there must be the constant way and practice of self
transcending God-Communion in the context of conditional

The conditional worlds are built upon the sacrifice of
every thing, event, process, or being that appears. The
conditional worlds are built upon sacrifice, not upon the
preservation, survival, conquest, or attainment of
conditional reality. Therefore, senior to conventional
morality is the ultimate practice of sacrifice in God, under
all conditions, and in all relations. That ultimate art
involves a willingness to engage action always in love, but
variously, in a dynamic fashion, sometimes in the
alpha-likeness, sometimes in the omega-likeness, without
requiring one or the other or both of these two to account
for the totality of human circumstance. Therefore, in this
ultimate art, there is sometimes virtue, sometimes duty,
sometimes passivity, detachment, or receptivity, sometimes
“creativity”, passion, or aggressiveness, but there is
always this self-sacrifice, or persistence in Love-Communion
with the Divine Person, so that Love-Bliss-Radiance replaces
the act of self-contraction.

Conditional human existence is not merely a thing to be
preserved, but a process to be fully understood and
fulfilled. The conditional cosmos as a whole is not a fixed
system of order, but an open-ended theatre of sacrifice in
God. Life is made of a little temporary order, a constant
tendency toward change, and an ultimate and absolute demand
for sacrifice. Therefore, all of this is a dynamic play of
order, change, and sacrifice, for the sake of growth and
self-transcendence, and not for the sake of conditional
existence in and of itself.

The unconditional reality is modified as the conditional
reality. This must be realized. Until this Truth is
realized, all conditional experience is a school with a
single lesson. This is the lesson -the lesson of life -“I”
cannot become happy. “I” can only be happy.’


Adi Da Samraj, THE
, Alpha and Omega, (sections 4 -5) (pages 301