Why did separation – ego – have to begin in the first place


DEVOTEE: Beloved Master, I always have this question ,
what was the purpose for this whole event of separation to
have occurred? I always wanted to ask this question – why?
Why did it have to happen? I don’t understand

AVATARA ADI DA: You see, you ask the question from a
point of view presuming yourself to be separate and engaging
in the exercise of naive realism, just presuming being a
body mind and seeing reality from that point of view, and
forth, and so you ask this question, you see. If you
practiced to the point of Realization, and could take all of
reality into account, were not merely fastened in that
presumption of separateness, fastened to an organism – and
then ore if you hvve that question, you see.

The source of the question is not looking at all reality
and coming up with a notion The source of the question is
divorce from reality, “How did all this separateness, all
this blah-blah-blah, how did this occur?”, you see. You
presume that it has occurred, and that it has occurred in
the form that you perceive it to exist, which is an illusion
based on a gesture ignorant to (2) organism life, you

AVATARA ADI DA; I’m here to Give you more than a glimpse
Shivapu F ha was asked, you know, about God-Realization,
suffering, and so forth, He said, “yes

that’s still there, in some sense, but it doesn’t hurt”,
you see There’s no one to be hurt, you see, It doesn’t carry
with it the implication of differentiation or divorce from