Can You Tie ‘The World’ and ‘Adi Da’ Together?



“The World” and Adi Da Samraj

Facebook Feed



Today while checking in with my friends and family on Facebook, the above feed appeared portraying the political cover of The New Yorker and immediately following a picture of the Divine World-Teacher, Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

When I looked at the two images following one another I was amazed at the apparent contradiction – Or was it a paradox? Hard to tell these days. Whatever it was, the way I viewed it was that there was “The World” and there was “Transcendental Reality” portrayed as a man. This impression reverberated into the question, “Can you tie these two together”? How do “this world” and “Transcendental Reality” come together? Can they coexist?

As an inquiry, I searched Beezone to find out how Adi Da (a non-public world-teacher) viewed this matter. As you may know, Adi Da’s views on things are not as simplistic as what appears on Facebook, and his speech isn’t based on what general speech in public forums naively presumes.

The first thing I discovered in looking into this juxtaposition was Adi Da sees the world not only as a physical manifestation but a psychic one. He teaches the earth is not only a physical place (space) that exists within time but ALSO is a “psycho-physical” phenomena existing IN and AS Consciousness – ONLY CONSCIOUSNESS. But, simultaneously, this doesn’t exclude or contradict the physical reality of the earth.

On the one hand, we have the image of Facebook’s feed assuming the earth is merely a social, personal, and political phenomenon. On the other hand, we have the “voice” of the Adept teaching that the earth something more profound than that. This “difference” generates many possible views and (mis)interpretations about this seemingly confusing juxtaposition.

All of Adi Da’s teaching acknowledges and supports the absolute necessity to get things straight with “the world.” However, he adds a fundamental “difference” to what the world actually IS. For those who consider things deeply and can stay in the dialogue – while “dealing” with their misconceptions – an invaluable crisis and an opportunity are waiting to be Revealed in the answer to this question.

If you are not satisfied with the fleeting entertainment of scrolling through Facebook feeds, and if you have time, interest, and the need to dig deeper, the following articles may benefit you in your exploration of this question: “Can you tie these two things together?”


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