There is No Understanding Without Yoga


There Is No Understanding Without Yoga

“Throughout my description of the work these two aspects appearing side by side; the yogic or phenomenal aspects, and the teaching relative to understanding. They appear side by side throughout my life, throughout my teaching work. And by this you must see that what I mean by understanding is not simply some sort of philosophical calm or, you know, way of feeling somehow free of your own movements in a philosophical way. Though a life of understanding cannot be separated from yogic transformation. There is no understanding without yoga. It is simply that yoga, or the process of our internal mechanism, our fundamental mechanism, is not the principle or point of view of spiritual life. But the way of understanding spontaneously manifests the yogic transformation, or true functional transformation of consciousness in life. It’s just that the principle of spiritual life is understanding in Satsang. Its phenomena are these transforming yogic phenomena.” Life of Understanding – Week 2