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Volume 3, Number 3 – MARCH


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You Are the

a talk by Da Free John – November 7,



ADI DA SAMRAJ: The signs of
true self-understanding and emotional conversion to the
Divine are still weak in devotees. Some of you are
practicing at this basic stage, some even beyond it. But
many of you are skill sitting in that reluctant stage of
being a fan of Me and this Way of life instead of
presuming the responsibilities of a true devotee. I look for
signs of real practice. I look not merely for a large
membership in our institution, but for a large practicing
membership. I look not merely for well-attended lectures or
for practice of the dietary disciplines, although such signs
are important. I look for a gathering of devotees who
practice the Way of The Heart, this moment to moment
devotional relationship with Me, this Happiness. I look for
devotees who are steady in that practice, whose affirmation
of their relationship with me is founded on such maturity
rather than merely on being a religious fan.

Too many of you are indulging in
reluctance, and even though you are still expecting to see
the virtues of spiritual practice in your lives, you have
not accepted the responsibilities for a spiritual Way of
life. I am happy for students in the beginning stages of
, but how happy can I be with those who are
still there after more than 30 years?
Adidam has become a fan club…. It is supposed to be
a brief period of examination of the Teaching, adapting to
the disciplines, and moving on to the true practice.
Students should be moved to truly take up this practice and
inspire my other devotees to move on in their

You must take on this Way, both
hands full, as much as you can receive, and devote yourself
to it, throw yourself into it, and be fruitful with what you
are given. That is what you ought to be doing. How long does
it take to
what there is to hear and
what there is to see? You must put yourself on the line,
give up your mediocre, karmic career of self-possession,
accept the Revelation you have been given, and be Happy with
it. Motivate others to be Happy with it as well and give up
your devotion to being a beginner.

Human existence lived from the born
point of view is ultimately a tragedy. When you are old,
your are possessed by the same desires as when you were
young. You simply do not have the machinery to fulfill those
desires. Thus, human life lived for its own sake, for the
sake of its mechanics, is a tragedy. Inclination without the
capacity to fulfill itself is the essence of this tragedy,
and the final moment is a heaving, strangling fear, without
the slightest sensation of what might come next. You
experience that horror but have no responsible mind, and
therefore the mechanical mind repeats its destiny again.
That is the essence of the future. We call it reincarnation.
It does not necessarily involve returning to this earth
plane, but it does involve mechanical repetition of
disposition and destiny.

You must become involved with the
Source, the Truth, the Current that pervades the world and
is modified as all of this appearance, and you must be
Happy, be full, and realize the unique, transforming destiny
of those who submit themselves to the literal Reality. You
are given that opportunity in my Living Company, which will
continue even beyond my physical, human lifetime. If you
refuse to submit yourself during my physical lifetime, what
will you do when this body-mind dies? What can we expect of
people who will never see me in the flesh and yet will be
called to the same practice? Not to have seen me in the
flesh is not an impediment in me nor in this Teaching. It is
not even an impediment in you. Only through the ordinary
mechanics of fear and self-possession do you dissociate from
what Is. You must be man or woman enough to relinquish that
self-possession in the face of Revelation. If you cannot
make that gesture, you cannot practice. It is simply that
self-transcending gesture that is required of you.
Everything is given by Grace to those who will make that

I want to hear that my devotees are
supporting in one another. We must not be mediocre
intellectuals, trying to decide whether this Teaching is
true or not. (Speaks in a mock-serious tone) “Is it really
true what this Adi Da is saying?”

All you reluctant people must become
true men and women. You are different from the animal. You
have reached into a realm of mind in which animals do not
participate. You have a greater advantage than the animal
and therefore a greater responsibility. You have an
opportunity and an obligation to become men and women. Even
so, you have touched nothing! You have entered into only a
fraction at the outer perimeter of the totality of
manifestation, because your brains hide much more than they

You know nothing about That in which
you inhere, but you must not exist in this separated state.
Submit to That which you intuit but which is beyond your
knowing. You must find the Beloved pervading this space
through the total submission of your body-mind. Wake up and
become a true human being….

I have fully accepted all of this by
being born. I have not reserved anything from this sacrifice
and therefore none of you should reserve anything. You must
participate in this sacrifice and enjoy my Ultimate
Disposition. We are not engaged in mere philosophy but
rather in a great process in the superphysics of cosmic
manifestation. You must become involved in it, you must
become sympathetic with it. A great event in the
history of mankind has occurred through this birth, and a
great process in the superphysics of the universe is
involved in my Work with all of you.
All you need to
do is participate in it. I withhold nothing. I suffer
everything you suffer. You must enter into this relationship
with me in love. I withhold no love from you, and you must
not withhold a fraction of your love for me. Why should you
be full of doubt? Live your life full of wonder!

A great event is involved in my
life. It has been said of past incarnations of the Divine
that only the most intimate devotees of an Adept can know
Who that One Is and understand the significance of that
Presence. That is nonsense! Perhaps it tends to work out
that way, but the Divine does not enter into human form to
be known by a few intimates. I am here to be known by
everyone! There is no law in the universe that says I can be
known as I Am by only a few. I can be known as I Am by
everyone, and I will not be satisfied by anything less. I
may be forced to put up with something less, but I will not
be satisfied with it.

You must know me. You must
and see
. Be awakened into this
passion of life that I have for you and that you must have
for me. Be changed by that passion, be liberated, made
Happy, made creative, made human by it. All who have seen me
have this obligation. All my devotees, having heard me, must
contact me as I Am altogether, and all of you must be Agency
for Who I Am.

The absurdity of this moment will be
utterly clear to my devotees in the future. You do not yet
know how to estimate the effect of my birth and what will
occur as a result of my incarnation. You are the seed of a
great historical change, and you cannot even see what is
before your eyes. We have accomplished great things already,
although you are not yet aware of it. You are a handful of
people full of good-heartedness and making positive
gestures, but you still do not know exactly what has
happened here and what the result of it will be. As decades
pass, you will see the import of what you have all
experienced in seed form but cannot yet

I am not an egoic religious
leader. Sooner or later, the world will come to know that
the purpose of my birth is to transform the world in a
critical moment in history. And I will do it. But I need
this vehicle of response. I need the human vehicle,
because the purpose of my birth is to transform mankind,
everyone, human history, by bringing us through this
terrible transition in which we now find ourselves. My birth
is an epic moment of spiritual intervention, and you are
showing the same reluctance that has always appeared in
those associated with Adepts in the past. This moment,
however, is more important than any moment in the past
When you have passed through this crisis of growth, you will
begin to understand what has happened, what Force has been
brought into the flesh through my birth. I hope that moment
will occur before I die, before this body dies. That is what
I mean when I say, “Maybe the Big One will win this time!”
It very well could happen that way. It should. That is my

The purpose of my birth is not for
me to be remembered and acknowledged and glorified after my
lifetime, but to be approached, acknowledged, Communed with
while alive, so that when this body dies that Communion will
not be broken. This birth will then be a tool for the
transformation of humanity altogether. This is my purpose.
It is true for every single individual who approaches. Every
single one is called, every single one is loved, every
single one I embrace and submit to, even as you must submit
to me.

What I submit to, I become, and this
makes my life a crucifixion. What you submit to glorifies
you, Awakens you, expands the sphere of your existence, and
brings you into a glorious possibility. All of us will
participate in that glorious possibility in time. I promise
you will see this. But here we are in this human plane,
involved in this great struggle, which is difficult, but
made easier by my coming here.



DEVOTEE: Master, I had a
subtle experience of a time in the future when our culture
had become broadly accepted. I saw the granite steps of a
church or temple where it seemed that a devotional occasion
had just concluded. I saw many people, dressed in a way that
seemed to fit our way of life, coming out of the temple. As
they came down the stairs, they were talking to one another
in a way that indicated a devotional understanding amongst
them. They were obviously part of something very great and
very wonderful. And they were in no sense alienated from the
society in which they lived. It was an extremely relaxing,
happy, and intelligent scene. It was lovely to look at and
be part of.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: This was a
spiritual vision. Perhaps you imagined that to have a
spiritual vision you have to see lights or some other world.
Such is also a kind of spiritual vision. You must understand
that a spiritual vision is a Transformed realization of what
is most obviously before your eyes, before your senses,
relieved of the knot of self-possession and un-Happiness. To
see it relieved of that knot, Happy in God, is a wonderful
vision. You can solidify that vision through your creative
activity, through your cooperation with other devotees. The
potential destiny of the Earth-world is to become a place of
Divine Incarnation for all beings, a transformed world. This
requires a great creative effort and evolutionary change,
but this Earth is not divorced from the Divine, it is simply
peripheral to the Divine Shine and therefore has a darkness
in it that must be overcome through struggle.

The Divine enters this realm from
time to time, and it is always the same One incarnating in
order to bring into the human plane that Feeling, that
Disposition, that Light, that Revelation, that Force that
Enlightens minds and literally lightens hearts so that
beings no longer think of themselves as being in a merely
mechanical circumstance divorced from the Great Light. They
realize that they are in the Domain of God. They also
appreciate the fact that they are in one of the peripheral
realms of the Divine where darkness is a great possibility,
instead of merely a shadow as in some of the inner realms,
you see. Here the darkness is not just a shadow, it is full
of the bulk of hate and unlove, death, fear, and doubt. A
great heroic struggle is required to participate in and
accept the Divine Principle in these peripheral domains.
That is the work of humanity.

In some sense human beings are
angels scattered in the periphery of the Divine
Manifestation to indulge in this struggle. Therefore, the
Living One, the Divine Itself, must incarnate in this place
to put human beings in contact, through the flesh vehicle,
with that Principle that lives all things. Because of this
incarnation you are able to have sufficient courage and good
feelings to participate in the exercise that will permit you
to evolve and be Happy, even during countless lifetimes that
precede the perfection of this Earth. There need not be
perfection on Earth for there to be Happiness. All that is
necessary is Communion with That Which is Perfect. Through
Communion with That Which is Perfect, humankind will evolve,
and we will be Happy together, free enough at heart to
participate in this short-term experience of human endeavor
that Magnifies the Principle of Divinity, the Principle that
pervades all things.

Can you do this?

* * *


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original unedited talk