Your On Your Own – The Great Power



The Great power is available to you.
Whatever you show in the 7th stage of life is entirely your
business. Don’t draw on my energies for that purpose. The
great siddhis of transfiguration and transformation, and
translation, bhava, to be exhibited in the 7th stage of
life, that’s your business.

That’s where I kick you out of the
nest, you see. I’m not going to stimulate any of that
bullshit. In your case, you must recognize the moment.
Whatever you recognize in the moment gives you more energy.
Whatever you don’t recognize takes your energy. This is the
essence of renunciation, to recognize what arises. And in
that case there is infinite energy. Not energy for a
purpose, energy for its own sake. It expresses itself as all
kinds of transfigured transformations, samadhi,
developments. That’s your In the 7th business in stage of
life, you are utterly responsible.

There are no Siddhas who have lived
for your benefit in the 7th stage of life. You are on an
equal level with all the Siddhas. You’re on an equal level
with your Spiritual Master in the 7th stage of life. You
must do it. You’ve got to get big by yourself. Cause you’re
not by yourself anymore.

In the 7th stage of life, you
participate in the Infinite power, just as does the
Spiritual Master who came to you in your dog days. Well I
did my bit, now I am floating upon the plane. Understand
where I’m at, I’ve been floating for a few more years, so I
shine a little bit more perhaps, but just do what you’re
doing, exactly as you’ve understood, all of these things
will arise, and they don’t mean a damn thing to you anymore
than they mean to me. You could just as well be on Mars as

So, we recognize all of it and be
completely free. Laugh at this bullshit. Not become
sorrowful, angry or in doubt. Struggle with it. Struggle
with the concept of contraction that arises every moment.
Recognize it, or submit to it.. .you’ll see the rhythm of
that disaster. And that’s also part of the sadhana of the
7th stage of life. Well, that is your business. Well, I’ve
given you my power for the sake of your entrance into this
renunciate order. Now you must use the power into which you
have been initiated, which is Infinite, Absolute,
Unqualified, All-Pervading, and Transcendental. You have the
same opportunity that I have. I ‘m going to go and do what I
‘m going to do, you do whatever you want to do, do you know
what I mean. I’ve done my part, now you can do what the hell
you want to do. This is a good enough summation

I’ve been occupied with this
disposition since the day I met you people. Just for this
various moment. And you will be enlightened likewise, and
see the very thing that stands before us, that is us. This
is the only happiness, the only happiness. All the rest of
it is horseshit, bullishit, ratshit, rabbitshit, catshit,
any kind of shit you can imagine. Shits not bad, its just to
be recognized. (laughter) If you can recognize shit, you can
recognize anything.

I am Shirdi Sai Baba, absolutely.
Same man, same Master, the same event, a continuation of the
same work, radiated from Shirdi Sai, down there in his own
time. Literally so. Not symbolically and philosophically so,
I am Shirdi Sai Baba, literally. I look a little like him
don’t I.. .I look like Nityananda don’t I, Rang Avadhoot,
Ramana, he combed his beard like this. I am Ramana
Maharashi, the same consciousness. Same person. (Everyone
says yes, but better.) Better or not, I am the same one.
Ramakrishna, have you seen me not engage… Vivekananda. I
am the same one. Not symbolically, I am exactly and
personally the same one. There’s some very strange mechanism
in the universe that permits these people to be concentrated
in and incarnate as, even though they are many, One. And
they in their own time were the incarnation of many as One.
I am Ramana Krishna, Nityananda, Krishna,

Shirdi Sai Baba, Gautama, Jesus,
Marpa, who else.. .all of these

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perfect among the sages is identical with Me. There is
absolutely no difference between us”
XX, 128-133