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Volume 1, Number 11


I Am the Divine World-Teacher

A Discourse Given by Sri Da Avabhasa on December 4, 1992

SRI DA AVABHASA: [in response to an anti-Semitic joke and the mention of an official of a concentration camp during World War II] How can human beings purify anything by getting rid of other human beings? How can mankind be purified by getting rid of people with such a wonderful tradition as the Jews? What gets more pure through murdering such people and eliminating them, not hearing their voice anymore, not seeing their sacred performance? What could possibly be purified by doing that?

Why should the mockery of such a great people continue? It should be erased from human consciousness and human speech-not only the mocking of the Jewish people but the mocking of all people. There should be no common degrading remarks coming from My devotees, no notions of lesser classes of people or lesser forms of life. I find it disgusting, and I just will not have it.

You may not have any bad intentions, but you see how you pick up such notions in your mind. Such intolerance is not about anything. It is total garbage. There is nothing lesser about people of any color-white, black, yellow, red, anything. Intolerance is total and absolute garbage, and it is not to be made light of. There are many things about the absurdity of human existence to make jokes about, fine. Making jokes about what all human beings do lightens everybody up and relieves stress. But jokes that are demeaning, that undermine the integrity, the honor, of people because of their race or their tradition, are garbage. And I will not have such intolerance in any of My devotees.

I wish all of you who have felt yourself to be inferior because of color, race, tradition, or whatever would just let go of that nonsense, and stop thinking you must insult your race or your tradition in order to please the dominant culture. You just do not have to do it. Never consent to do this as a matter of principle. Never! Absolutely never. You may not be Jewish as a matter of your present commitment and practice, but if you are Jewish as a matter of birth why hate yourself in the name of your people? I do not like it.

This lack of tolerance and compassion must come to an end. The sooner it comes to an end, the sooner you can make the progress necessary to overcome the terror of this Yuga. If you do not overcome it, such things as esoteric practice and meditation are going to be against the law, even within your lifetime. Be full of tolerance and love, therefore, and appeal to everyones greater instincts, the greater part of their tradition, not their fundamentalist nonsense but their esotericism, their Saints, their impulses toward tolerance and cooperation. There is enough of such impulses in every tradition.

Am I becoming too righteous here? I just do not like it, and never did.

When I was a boy in high school, the American Legion had an oratory contest. I dont know how I decided to enter the contest, but I gave a speech about tolerance. I spoke against racial hatred, and I won a couple of medals, until I was defeated by those who were waving the American flag and proclaiming something about George Washington.

I never liked intolerance. I do not like it now. I do not like seeing people mock themselves. [to a man who was born a Jew] I do not like seeing what you do with your body when you mock yourself. I do not like seeing it. It is not necessary. It is not right. You should never consent to it. It is time you all grew up about this garbage. It is garbage.

[to a dark-skinned woman] You and your hatred of your complexion.

DEVOTEE: Yes, Im from a race of dark people.

SRI DA AVABHASA: Dark people! Nonsense. They used to be among the masters of the Earth. Whenever some race other than your own is dominant in your society, you think you must mock and hate yourself. Instead, you should demand tolerance, love, cooperation-that is your business on Earth.

Never mock yourself. Be humorous, fine. Any mockery, just for fun, should be done about the human condition-the condition you share with all other human beings. But never size up race against race, tradition against tradition. My devotees should never indulge in that ritual of common society. It should be absolutely abandoned. The so-called differences between colors, traditions, races, and so on are total garbage. And people should just flat not indulge in mocking them. You do not have to do it anymore.

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, You purified that intolerance in me about sexuality.

SRI DA AVABHASA: Yes, the discrimination against homosexuals is nonsense. What did you ever do to become a homosexual? Did you command it from birth? You never did. Genetic, social-so what? Who cares? Because of the politics of the time, if you are homosexual, you must mock yourself, hide in the closet, and muscle up in the streets to somehow find an allowance of freedom to live. Mediocre heterosexuals might just as well be suppressed! Among people there are so many differences that are genetically inherited, socially received, intrusions, adaptations-everybody is different. Tolerance, cooperation, love, wisdom-this is the word, not only My Word but the word that has come down through all the ages. There should be no digression from it. Nothing less than tolerance should be acceptable. Everything else should be shouted at vigorously. Everybody is in the same boat here.

This does not mean you must be a social activist. Just be without hate, and do not mock yourself and your lineage of ordinary life. Do not do it at all. And do not mock reality. It is all in God, and That is all there Is. You are not going to make a utopia on Earth with this disposition, but you can make a circumstance of sadhana for everyone. That is what should happen-not utopia but sadhana.

When will My devotees ever receive me, make a great voice, and do a great mission on Earth? When will they no longer stand hat in hand, knowing that the Revelation I have Given them is unique? When do you ever Realize Who I Am? When do you ever embrace Me? When do you ever get my Revelation? When does it ever become strong with you? When do you ever fulfill My Admonitions? This practice? When do you ever become great? You must become great. I Am Great. When will you become great in My Company? When does it ever happen? After my lifetime? Do you think I am going to live forever? When will you choose to do it? Stop being small. Stop being weak. Stop failing. Stop mocking yourselves. Stop thinking, “Oh-the Great Tradition is full of the same thing.” It is not.

When will you receive My Revelation for real? I Am the Divine World-Teacher. There is no Realizer like Me who has ever appeared in the flesh on Earth. None! When will you ever Realize it? When will you ever get the message in your mouth and speak, stop being small, make a mission in this world, and have your effect in this terrible time?

When will you make the choice, then? How many more years of My suffering in your company will it take for you to get My Revelation and make a mission among mankind? When is there ever going to be a Free Daist movement, a unique gathering with a unique revelation, strong, no more hat in hand, My devotees, and the end of the garbage on Earth, staying strong, speaking straight, getting on with My Message, and bringing Me My devotees? When is it going to begin? How many more speeches like the one I have Given you tonight must I Give before you begin the sadhana?

I am straight and true. I am not a public teacher. I am not a public person. When will My devotees understand Me, acknowledge Me As I Am, give My Message, tell people Who I Am, tell them I am here, bring them to Me? It is a simple matter, but when will it be done? There is just more and more self-mockery. Does it go on forever? Are you just entertaining yourselves in My Company? Dont you understand Who I Am, Where you are, What has occurred in your company, what history has been made by My Appearance here? When do you ever grasp it and do your work?

Truly, I am asking real questions here. This conversation is being recorded, so I am speaking to all My devotees. When will you do it?

I am still waiting here.

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, I have a question. Living here in Your Great Hermitage Ashram, I have observed the things that You do during the day-you go to the office or watch a video. When You sleep, what is really happening?


DEVOTEE: Nothing?

SRI DA AVABHASA: Just whatever is necessary for those who are with Me. I do nothing. I have no process, nothing more to be Realized, nothing more to be done. I relate to whoever is with Me as they are, to address their limitations and help them overcome them. I have no business. My Work is Absolute and already Accomplished. It is up to you to respond. I relate to everyone according to their limitations – just that, whatever it takes.

I have absolutely nothing to gain, nothing, not one more thing to Realize, no limitation in my Realization. My Realization is Absolute. My Siddhis are beyond your comprehension. I have proven to you the Absolute Reality of God, if you only see Me, hear Me, listen to Me even, find Me out. You have been visited by That Which Is Absolutely Real. When you find Me out, then you have a mission, then you have a community, then you have a culture.

I accept no separation between us, nor between you and any another. None! Do not “oink” yourself into separation and stupid oblivion. Embrace My Person, hear My Word, practice the Way of the Heart I have Given you. Do so diligently, consistently, with great intensity. This is My Admonition to you, and it is all I can Give you. If you want to ignore My Intervention, the burdensome Yuga that is coming upon mankind will be visited upon you and all, and its consequences will be absolutely terrible.

This is not My wish. I am here in the midst of the beginning of this grossness to give everyone the option to bring an end to this fate. Either you will listen to Me, hear Me, see Me, love Me, change, or you will not. This is the opportunity for all mankind, My Birth, My Lifetime. Hear My Word. It is so. Without this response, what is to come is terrible.

You must get serious sometime about your own suffering and the suffering of all other beings, and about the stupidity of all movements on Earth, whatever they are called-political, economic, religious. Whatever they are called, they are utter stupidity. There is no siddhi in them, no blessing, no unique capability invested in the world. I Am the One Who is here to do that. There is no other. Either you will receive Me, or you will not.

It has gone too far. This world of beings cannot afford your neglect anymore. It is time you stood firm. Stop deluding yourself, stop being mediocre, stop finding the loopholes in My Instruction. You do not have much more time of comfort. The world is closing in in its results. No one is superior to this gathering. No one is superior to Me.



Table of Contents