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Beezone’s Video Series on The Seven Stages of Life

ADI DA: People everywhere are profoundly resistive to the matter of actual spiritual practice. Individuals are inclined to continue in the third stage of life and not to go through the crisis of a transition beyond it. Various movements throughout the world talk about high matters, but they are talking to people who are involved in the first three stages of life about something that is realized only by going beyond the first three stages….You must go through the inevitable and natural crisis of the transition to the fourth stage of life, and that is a profound matter. If it were not profound, most difficult, and something that people in general are not prepared for, human beings all over the world would have entered the fourth stage of life by now..This crisis of transition is the most profound and unwelcome change that confronts humanity. That change has been unwelcome now for thousands of years. (1985)
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The Fourth Stage of Life