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The Undying Beloved

SRI DA AVABHASA: Your ecstatic Communion with Me as a
moment to moment condition of existence makes all of your
associations something other than they appear in themselves.
As My devotee, you need no longer live in the world
concerned about worldly things. Instead, you live in the
Ecstatic Play that is Satsang with Me, and thus your
association with the things of life is not binding, not
obsessive, not problematic. You do not require worldly
association to provide you with the fulfillment that only
ecstatic Communion with Me provides.

When people say in the common way that they love one
another, it is the ego speaking. They mean that they are
attached to one another, and they would be insulted greatly
if their attachment were offended, or if the other were
lost, or if the other died. Yet such losses and deaths are
inevitable. Love, then, is the Force of the Heart-Prior to
conditional Nature yet even Invested within it That
Transcends limits, even particularities of all kinds, while
Investing Itself in them.

Feeling attached, therefore, you must magnify love. To
magnify love and to transcend yourself requires great
seriousness of practice of the Way of the Heart in My
Blessing Company, Which Grants you the great power of
self-observation, self-understanding, and


The spell of egoic bondage is broken only when there is
awakening from both the burden of dependence (wherein
mortality is still the last word) and of separative
independence (which is limited to rituals of
self-consolation and of exploitation of relations in an
egoically “self-possessed” mood).

Your human freedom and maturity comes only when you
abandon the whole disposition of dependence-independence, or
the ritual of “You don’t love me” and “I don’t love you”. It
comes when you are re-established in and re-adapted to the
Prior Condition of your existence, Which precedes all
relations (even while the great pattern of human and cosmic
relations is the modification of that Divine Self-Condition
in the framework of conventional experience).


You must awaken from the spell of your childish
presumptions and become human. You must neither depend on
(in the absolute sense) nor recoil from any relations. You
must discover the Divine Reality Itself, Prior to all
agents, mediators, or means. You must become established as
love rather than the search for love via any agents outside
you. You must enter into most direct Communion with the
Divine Truth that literally Sustains you, and with Which you
are ultimately identical, at the level of consciousness and
even bodily. You must be free of the illusion that the
ordinary agents of life are necessary in themselves. You
must come into the responsible disposition of stable love
(unobstructed feeling-attention) toward all the numberless
and ordinary agents of life that appear in the universal
pattern of your relations, but you must be free of all
illusions that bind you to others than the Love-Blissful
Divine Being. You must yourself consent to be the agent of
life through love, and, through feeling-Contemplation of Me,
you must become less and less obstructed in that

Existence as a dependence on the conditions of pleasure
and conventional happiness is itself a trap, a torment, and
an inevitable failure. In My Company, you must Awaken to the
Wisdom of selftranscending Divine Communion and thus
transform your participation in the play of experience. In
that case, you will presume the disposition of service,
surrender, love, tolerance, and transcendence of the effects
of experience, while fulfilling the role, or conventional
obligation, to which you are suited or led.


Do Not Abandon Your Inherent Sympathy With others, but Do
Not Become self-Bound By Indulgence In others, or Ever Lose
Your Heart In the world itself. Therefore, Always Already,
Merely Be, Untied Of The Bundle With others and things.


If you would hear Me, if you would see Me, if you would
understand, if you would practice the Way of the Heart that
I have Given you, to the Most Ultimate degree of Divine
Self-Realization, you. would be totally free of-what?
AND “THAT ONE”! ALL these “ones”. You would be completely,
absolutely, and Most Perfectly Free of all relations.
Because there are no relations. THERE ARE NO RELATIONS!


You do not need sex. You do not need society. You do not
need the realm of cosmic Nature. You do not need the
universe. All of this is a modification, a distressful
perturbation, of the Well of Divine Being. You do not need
all that. Surrounded by one another in this terrible place,
you need nothing whatsoever.

There is an Infinite Well of Being Itself, of Happiness
Itself, of Consciousness Itself. Even now you are immersed
in It. That cool, Free Water is unblemished, undosed with
the chemicals of egoity, not stressed, not transformed, not
modified, not limited in any sense whatsoever. In the
seventh stage of life (which is Revealed and Given only by
Me) you lie in the Well, Divinely “Inebriated”, shouting
Infinite Happiness of Being, without the slightest
qualification. You lie There now, infinitely dead, and
therefore infinitely Alive and Love-Blissful, Radiant
without qualification. Before and after the “Big Bang”, and
at all times in between, you are altogether fulfilled Where
you Are.

Here, you are struggling with one another, trying to
figure yourselves out and mating with one another,
exchanging communications and contracts. What an infinite
mass of insanity! That is not it. It is not it at all. All
this clinging to your relations is not it. Not it, My
friends-not it at all. Not it at all.


You cannot ultimately depend on any of your objective
relations (high or low in the scale of manifestation) for
love, attention, support, sustenance, or their unchanging
continuation through time and space. First of all, you
discover that your relations are themselves generally
dependent and undependable, changing or mortal, coming and
going, and always changing the objects and the quality of
their feeling and attention. Thus, if you depend on them,
you will surely feel betrayed, and anxious about the line of
love or life that feeds you through your relations. Then you
become possessed in your relations with the testing mood of
“You don’t love me”.

But, more than this, if you depend on love or life to
come to you through your relations, then you yourself tend
to remain irresponsible as love or attention and life.
Always watching to see if you are loved and fed, and your
pleasure and existence protected, you never abide as love
simply. Such is the error in your childish and adolescent
adaptation to born existence.


You feel so dependent on someone in the present that you
would be sorrowful if he or she left you, but you can
transfer the same interest to someone or something else and
feel just as Happy, so that the previous one could leave
you. This ordinary fact tells you that you are not really
dependent on anyone or anything, but that you are engaging
in a ritual of dependence, and locating your Happiness in
various relations. Actually, however, you are playing on
Something Inherent in your own Place, and in your own

Happiness Itself is not dependent on the objects and
relations of life. It is Inherent in the Divine
Self-Position, or in the Real Condition of your life. Your
noticing of this is the beginning of renunciation, the
beginning of the expression of true understanding, which
does not dissociate you from relations but simply associates
you with a greater Principle, the Great Principle. Instead
of making Happiness depend on your relations, therefore, you
should magnify Happiness in your relations. You should
magnify That Which is Inherent in your own Place, rather
than depend on relations for the feeling of Happiness.


Where there is genuine relationship with an individual, a
place, a thing, an environment, it is not subject to the
quality of desire. Desire does not “create” it. The end of
desire or the change of desire does not bring it to an end.
Where relationship is discovered and lived, it never does
come to an end. Its quality may change, and there may be
apparent separations in time and space, but the relationship
itself is fundamental, continuous, real. Where there is
relationship, there tends to be apparent growth,
intensification, change, but it does not come to an end.

Associations, however, come and go. Associations belong
to periods of one’s life, stages in one’s own experience.
They are functions of time, space, and desire. Therefore,
when some particular desire, or desire itself, ceases to be
the point of view of conscious life, associations tend to
fall apart, disappear, come to an end. But when there is
perfect, “radical” understanding, there are no longer any
associations at all. There is only relationship. There is no
separation. And relationship is enjoyed under all
circumstances, all conditions, with all beings, in all
environments. Because people are identified with their own
desires and live by the habit of association rather than
relationship, there is suffering. Because people do not
become more for one another than extensions of their own
minds, their own desires, there is no relationship.
Therefore, the communication of the Force and Condition of
Consciousness Itself does not take place.


Your relationships with others should be based on your
acknowledgement of the nature of existence, or the
inevitability of death. In other words, make your
relationships on the basis of renunciation. If you will do
this, then, yes, a variety of human relationships will
continue but you will be a renunciate in the context of your


Life rightly lived is an intentional free-fall. You
cannot at all prevent your death. And you cannot predict the
hour, the day, the moment, when you will die. Your death
could happen at any time-even right now while we are
talking. Anybody could drop dead at any time. You cannot
prevent your death. You can build your life on trying to
prevent it, but such is an illusory effort, a terrible
philosophical ordeal, because you cannot prevent your death.
You can indulge in illusions that desensitize you to the
fact of death-and most of exoteric religion is the source of
such illusions for most people. Conventional religion is a
way of desensitizing people to the facts of existence in
this conditional life. But you cannot prevent your

One cannot blame people for being afraid and for clinging
to consolations, but there is no truth in consolations.
Because the renunciate knows this, he or she relinquishes
consolations and allows the free-fall. And then you make
great discoveries. The discoveries in free-fall are what the
esoteric life is about. You cannot control the ultimate
thing you fear. But you can be free of fear by allowing the
free-fall and relinquishing consolations.

Your right relationship to Me is not a consolation. Your
relationship to Me is the embrace of the Beloved, the
certainty of the Absolute under circumstances wherein you
are utterly bereft of certainty otherwise, wherein you allow
the overwhelming force of conditionality to be as it is.
Only in that certainty do you discover the Truth of
existence. Renunciates have assumed the disposition that is
a unique advantage. All My devotees are Called by Me to
renunciation, but it is only when you embrace renunciation,
only when you allow the free-fall, intentionally submit
yourself to the egoless state in the egoic circumstance,
only then do you Realize the Divine Reality.

Have I not been this lesson to you of the utter embrace
of the free-fall of life? You must intentionally embrace the
free-fall of this Divine Ecstasy and be mad in it. That is
how you find out What there Is to find out. All My devotees
are welcome to participate in this Ecstasy with Me, and they
will all make their choices as they will, to participate
either fully or with one or another degree of

Be manly, man or woman. This is My advice-you do what you
will. Believe that every moment of life is on the edge. Wake
up! You do not want to, because to be on the edge, to be
truly mortal, means you must suffer pain in your heart in
every moment of your existence here in this body-every
moment. And there is no relief. None. Not with sex, alcohol,
cigarettes, drugs, politics-nothing can relieve you of this
heart-pain that is true to life. Nothing. Only this devotion
to Me, to My Sign here, only you embracing Me, wakes up the
capability for love with all your friends and lovers. That
is the great love. All your faces will be eaten by worms
like the faces of all the millions that came before you. Do
not be stupid! No one is protected! NO ONE! Everyone is
dying. Everyone is threatened. Wake up at heart. Truly!


Everything you depend upon is going to change or pass
away. Everything you now own or cling to could be taken away
from you in a moment. This knowledge, even before anything
happens, makes you sorrowful, driven, and angry. What
purpose is your dependency serving, then, other than to
disturb you and others? The whole connection of dependency
is a disturbance!

The only right relations between living beings are free
relations based on Happiness Itself, in which people magnify
the sufficient Love-Bliss, or Happiness Itself, of Inherent
Being to one another. All the rest is garbage, just a
torment, just the usual stuff, just the daily news.

You make relationships as if you are immortals, suffering
perhaps the possibility of the failure of relationships but
not realizing the reality, which is that relationships
necessarily fail. Will. Necessarily. Fail. Inevitably.


In the world, the beloved dies-or appears to die.
Whatever is desired or loved that is merely conditional will
inevitably die, or pass away and change. One who observes
this with true seriousness realizes that this Lesson of life
requires that you find What is Deathless in others. True
Love is devoted and submitted and attached and conformed to
the Undying Beloved. This principle, in brief, characterizes
the Way of the Heart.


You cannot oblige any creature you love to live forever,
because he or she simply cannot do it-and neither can you-as
an act of will. Whenever you come together with someone and
you say you love one another, you cannot promise to stay
with one another. You can promise your life to one another
and in that sense stay with one another, but you do not have
in your will the capability to stay with one another
forever, because the body-mind dies. This bodily condition

Therefore, you must die while living. You must be able to
let go of this unnecessary realm and dwell in the Divine
Self-Condition while you are alive. In that case you will be
free of anxiety. You will have humor in relation to things
here. You will be capable of loving in the natural fashion,
because you are not obliging all of this to stay here
forever. In that Most Ultimate Realization in the Way of the
Heart, you are Divinely Recognizing all of this intuitively.
Then the Divine Condition of all these conditions is the
Divine Beloved you find in your lover, in every arising
phenomenon, in every moment, and, most directly, in Me, your
True Heart-Master.

Anything or anyone that you love and enjoy in this realm
is only, if you will notice it, the Divine Beloved, the Very
Real Itself. This is what you discover in all your loving,
all your enjoyments, if you are a true man, a true woman. If
you do not live by such sacrificial acknowledgement, all
your experiencing and enjoyments lead to attachment only.
They reinforce ritual behavior, craving for contact, craving
for experience, craving for repetitions in which you are
constantly anxious, ill at ease, suffering reactive
emotions, endlessly thinking, mulling things over mentally
as if you were trying to solve some hidden problem, knotted
up in the body, always active to find some pleasurable
condition that will last, that will fulfill you.

If you intuitively understand all this that is arising
here, you are not bound up by reaction to the whole
automatic ceremony.. You are relieved of it. And that
understanding is the only release. There is only a Single
and Absolute Divine Self-Condition, Unspeakable in Its
Nature, Which you may not see, hear, or experience over
against yourself but Which is your very Condition Prior to
all changes, high or low, should they arise_ And in that
Divine Self-Condition, as it happens, this one you seem to
be when active in the waking world continues to arise for
the time being-paradoxically, because it does not amount to
anything. Nothing is gained by a moment’s living-absolutely
nothing. Nothing changes on the basis of it. Nothing is
gained by a single meeting, by a single moment’s
satisfaction, by a single contact. This living is not
anything. It is only an illusion, a modification of the
essential Divine Self-Condition. If you come to rest in that
Condition, in the Realization of the seventh stage of life
(which is Revealed and Given only by Me), then in every
moment you Divinely Recognize this arising and you are
Happy, already Happy. You can play in the ordinary ways, but
you never become wretched. You are not degraded through your
own craving, because you Divinely Recognize What you love,
and therefore your relations with loved-ones, with this
whole world, are natural, ordinarily happy.

Otherwise, your craving for the immortality of the
lovedone will become so profound that you will be forced to
bring the relationship to an end. You will drive the
loved-one away in your craving for the loved-one’s
immortality. Your anxiety over the

loss, the separation, will become so great that you will
eventually begin to degrade the relationship itself, to
separate yourself automatically. Then, even though you are
here to be loving, everything you do begins to separate you
from the loved-one because you are so anxious, so terrified,
so upset.

In the by Me Revealed and Given seventh stage of life,
you will Divinely Recognize one another in Truth, you will
Divinely Recognize this world in Truth, you will acknowledge
Me in Truth. Then you are engaged in the process that
relieves you of this illusion, and you can come to rest. You
can be Happy.

Therefore, even now it is not necessary to go on with
great plans to conquer this world in one fashion or another.
Nothing is gained by it. You never conquer the loved-one.
You are enamored. You are in love. No conquering goes on at
all. You only start conquering when you become afraid, when
you fear this separation. Then you become anxious and start
craving all kinds of satisfaction.

Everything you know or own or think or understand or
presume, and everyone with whom you are associated, will be
taken away from you. Your body itself and also your own mind
will at some time be kept by the Divine. If you surrender
your relations, your children, and your spouse to the Divine
Person every day, they will someday be kept by the Divine

You must be free of anger on that day! You must be free
of sorrow while you live, and free of doubt and fear, or you
will be crippled through your own recoil upon yourself. You
will become an idolator, a cultist, an owner of experience,
an owner of mind, of body, of relations, all of which can
and will be taken from you, and thus you will be always
un-Happy. Whatever is given to you, for however long it is
given, must be accepted as something that belongs to the
Divine Person. You must literally acknowledge everything as
belonging to the Divine.

Hold on to no thing and no one, not even your apparently
individual self. Be certain of no knowledge. Be the
sacrifice of all conditions in every moment, and thus abide
in Communion with the eternal Truth, wherein the root of
your independence is eternally hidden and your common
Identity is always already Revealed.

In this way you will affirm and participate in the
necessarily eternal Existence in which you all appear:
Surrender into Infinity with all your friends and hold on to
no thing or condition that ever appears. Forget all things
in present Happiness, and so forgive the universe for all
its playful changes. Always love one another, and so forgive
one another for appearing, for changing, and for passing out
of present sight. So be it.



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