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Free intellectual inquiry, must also be
permitted its freedom, its special function in the world.
The motive of politics and verbal minded rationalists with their
social influences
must be purified. If the contemporary voices of politics, rationalism
and provincialism
are not thus purified, they will more and more represent an evil
influence in the world,
an influence that seeks to dominate, suppress, and destroy the
potential and
the Deep Heart need of Man.
paraphrase of Adi Da Samraj

and Doubt

Peace Central

and the Times


“There is a process that
is happening. It is the process of awakening and this
process is the evolution of humanity. In other words, in
order for there to be developed humanity, the fully human
function as well as what is above it, there must be at the
level of each individual, real observation of this
activity of awakening (understanding). There can’t be any
wholesale sort of blessing into understanding (awakening).
It must take place as a real activity in every

of Understanding – Week 2

– 1973

The test of human existence is
whether you will persist as love, whether you will transcend
yourself; transcend your contraction, your flight from
relationship, your limitation on love”.

Test of Human Existence

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche


Do What You Must

November 4, 1978
unpublished talk – Bubba Free John (Adi Da

“If we lived in more or less holy
times, you see, and and there were true spiritual masters
around we could perhaps live quite comfortably here. But
that is not the way it is. The world is in a dreadful
condition at this moment.

Transformation must occur in the
consciousness of human beings, human individuals
collectively. Collective humanity must become involved in
the fulfillment of the
. If this does not
happen, the earth is going to have to live through a cycle
of purification that is devastating, absolutely devastating.
It is almost inevitable. All the comfortable conditions that
you value in your life at the present time have a very short
life span considering the state of the world at this

What You Must Do

“God is not commanding history. You
all are commanding history! If you would enter into some
greater depth of Divine Communion, maybe you would have a
more benign influence on history. But it is your

Heart Must Be Moved

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I told you a
long time ago that the manifestation we are seeing is that
every individual is declaring himself or herself to be an
independent country. It is a very threatening, difficult
time. Not to mention all the ecological disasters still in
the offing. Everywhere fundamentalists of all kinds are
agitating, and they all have guns.

Any ordinary person can kill people.
It is not just the weapons of mass destruction but the
weapons of destroying anybody that are a problem. Weirdos
all over the place in the so-called civilized world, in
America and elsewhere, are wiping people out on a whim, just
because they are agitated and full of stress.

We are moving into a very, very dark
time when great responsibility must be manifested all over
the world. I know there have been some changes, but what I
hear on the news suggests that the changes are not enough.
The solutions, so-called, are more or less cosmetic and
politically determined to discount the effort that must be
made to avert the potential danger.

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Setting Sun
– The Great
Western Sun

Adi Da Samraj talking to a group of
devotees – December 4, 1992.
Adapted and
edited by Beezone

“You must get serious about your own
suffering and the suffering of all other beings, and about
the stupidity of all movements on Earth, whatever they are
called – political, economic, religious. Whatever they are
called, they are utter stupidity. There is no siddhi in
them, no blessing, no unique capability invested in the
world. There is Only This One who is here to do that. There
is no other. The World is One. Either you will understand
This, or you will not.

I am not here to tell you bad news.
This is not a time to respond in fear. Fear and separation
are what is creating this time. I am Here to Wake you up to
the insanity of the present world situation.

I am here in the midst of the
beginning of a terrible time, this grossness, to give
everyone the option to bring an end to this madness. Either
you will listen to me, hear me, change, or you will not.
This is the opportunity for all mankind. It is so. Without a
true response, what is to come is terrible.

It has gone too far. The suffering
in this world is too great. This world of beings cannot
afford neglect anymore. It is time you to stand firm. Stop
deluding yourself, stop being mediocre, stop finding the
loopholes in my Word. You do not have much more time of
comfort. The world is closing in in its results. No one is
superior to the Great Power. No one.

Accept no separation between us, nor
between you and any another. None! Do not “oink” yourself
into separation and stupid oblivion. Embrace what is True,
Right and Real, practice love, tolerance and Truth. Do so
diligently, consistently, with great intensity. This is My
Admonition to you, and it is all I can Give you. If you want
to ignore the truth of this time and the Great Opportunity
you are obligated Respond to, the burdensome Yuga that is
coming upon mankind will be visited upon you and all, and
its consequences will be absolutely terrible. Listen to the
prophecies of the ancient ones. The ones who have had their
hearts planted on this earth. You will not hear this in the
commercials on TV or the bulletin boards on the highway.
They will tell you to continue to consume, continue to
indulge yourself in your appetites for satisfaction and
adventure. This is not a joke, this is the time you are in
and you must respond in a different way than you are
presently committed to.”

Adi Da Samraj – December 4, 1992 –
Adapted and edited by Beezone

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Urgency of the Teaching

From Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be
Announced by the White House!

Beyond Doubt

Intelligent people cannot find God
in such a mass of idiocy, so quite naturally they look for
satisfaction elsewhere. Thus, people are preoccupied with
all kinds of political and scientific idealism, as if
politics and scientific and technological progress were the
Way of Truth. They are absolutely not the Way of Truth. They
never have been the Way of Truth. They are no more the Way
of Truth than sex or any other satisfaction or fulfillment
of function. None of that is the Way of Truth at all. It is
the ordinary impulse of the ego, glamorizing itself by great

If this trend toward political and
scientific obsession is to be broken, some light must be
brought to the whole affair of spiritual and religious
understanding….If not, the world will be overwhelmed. It
is almost inevitable now that it will be overwhelmed in any
case. The world, even the Realm of Nature as a whole, is
founded on a righteous Principle. Therefore, the world will
be purified, without a doubt. The Force of the Divine
pervades everything, and, therefore, It also purifies
everything in one way or another. If human beings, while
they have the benign capacity to enter into God-Communion,
will not do so, but instead create a corrupt culture, a
subhuman order, then the purification will not occur within
the ordinary and benign course of natural processes…then
great upheavals necessarily occur. That is how the righteous
Law works. It is not just that we pay our dues for past
activity. A righteous Principle is positively at work,
constantly to purify and to reestablish order.

Thus, there are periods of great
negative upheaval in the world, including natural disasters,
wars, and conflicts of all kinds. On the one hand, during
these periods, the world pays its dues for failing to live
by the Law. On the other hand, these times of upheaval are
the evidence of a continuous process of purification. They
are themselves a demonstration of the Law. At the end of
these periods, the Law is reestablished in

It is very likely that we are
entering into such a time of upheaval, because of the extent
of the failure of human culture. There is simply no light
abroad in the world today. There is nothing but corruption,
nothing but the failure to accept the Way of God. There is
absolutely no sign of the Way of Truth, except in rare
instances of individuals and small groups of people. The
Truth is essentially hidden and secondary. There is a long
history of corruption in every area of human life, and the
entire social structure of the world is devoted to subhuman
ends and forms of self-indulgence. There are no signs of an
imminent Golden Age in the disposition or condition of
humanity at large. Rather, the signs are of the necessity
for a great purification, a great reestablishment of order,
a righteous readjustment of the whole world.

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Urgency of the Teaching

From Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be
Announced by the White House!

Bubba Free John: I watched a
T.V. program last night on which various national and
international political figures…sat around talking with
one another about the world situation, particularly the
threat of nuclear war. It was very sobering to watch. One
could really get a feeling for the tentativeness of our
existence here. The world could be obliterated.
August 1977 –
Must Become a Sacrifice

The prophetic demand of this time is
for a new reformation, a new understanding, and a new
discipline. But the method whereby all of this will be
achieved is self-understanding and love. The brain and the
navel contain the two principles at play in the body-mind
and in the world of Man. But these two principles must be
directed into a dynamic Cycle, a Circle around the heart,
for it is from the feeling heart of Man that the
Transcendental Divine Radiance Shines into the higher and
lower parts of Man and even the world of Man.
Whole Bodily Synthesis of Evolutionary Love

“We are at the dead end of the
ancient ways, and we are suffering from the inability to
move fully into our right, human, and immortal destiny.”

The present-time human world is
fragmented and stupefied, utterly misled by the grossest
kind of deluded thinking about “reality”. The mass
populations of the world are being seduced by the
absurdities of “consumerism”. Human beings are, now and
everywhere, entrenched in their commitment to absurd
“consumer” notions about the potential of absolute
“self”-satisfaction – and, otherwise, human beings are
(based on their failures of “self”-satisfaction) overwhelmed
by “gross realism” views that appear to sanction nihilistic
despair, and even unlimited (and meaningless)

The time is dark-but people do not
see the darkness. Or, if they do see the darkness, they do
not have any means to do anything about the darkness, so
they just go along with it. The present-time darkness is a
clear sign that the inherent self-organizing,
self-correcting, and self-rightening principle is being
prevented from happening. Otherwise, the manifestation of
the self-organizing, self-correcting, and self-rightening
principle would be readily in evidence. Truly civilizing
principles are the evidence of a self-organizing,
self-correcting, and self-rightening free energy.

The true social revolution is a
cultural revolution, not a political or economic one. The
political and economic necessities become relatively easy to
organize once the Wisdom of the truly human cultural
orientation is generally accepted. Until we all Awaken to
the Situation and purpose of human existence, we will create
no lasting peace or order, and each day will bring the world
closer to the finite chaos of War and Bewilderment. But if
the Wisdom of true Spiritual Adepts is “heard” in the human
world, then the true revolution can begin, and all the
dreadful destiny that now lies before us can be dissolved in
the Heart of God.

Revolution I Propose
– The
Announcement of the Scientific Proof of the Existence of God
Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!

The Felt Intensity of the

“The acceleration of change is in
you. This is how you read it. (the influence of the Divine).
It (The Divine) is not changing. It is given. But you
realize it by degrees. The more that perfect realization,
the more that intensity is felt. It seems to be increasing
but it’s not the intensity that is increasing. It is your
realization of it.”
Adi Da – 1974

Do you ever get the feeling things
are changing faster and faster…..
for a five minute video
confirming your feeling.

“The civilizations of
mankind have to date embraced cultural principles that
reflect the universal fear of death and all the
self-possessed, self-protective, and separative strategies
of conventional consciousness”
Identify of the Holy Spirit of

These are the worst of times. The
Truth and its Way are inconceivable to the usual man, and
all the media of daily life propagandize for a vulgar,
subhuman world. Even the “peace” men seek is only a kind of
uninspired political ordering of the lower man, and it is
not founded on the spiritual transcendence of experience. It
is not merely that the Truth has not been communicated. Even
when it is communicated, it is not accepted. The Truth is
unacceptable in this time and place.

These are the most sinister times.
Every thing and every one is suspect. And what men suspect
above all is God.

Enlightenment of the Whole Body

– p. 153

“in that new and future culture of
Man. Religion will not be irredeemably distorted by the
illusions of “subjectivity,” and science will not be
irredeemably distorted by the illusions of “objectivity.”
Rather, all human beings will engage in common disciplines
of knowledge and of self-transcendence (or Ecstasy). It will
be a higher human culture, established in the ultimately
unknowable Paradox of the Divine Unity, the ultimate
Identity of God and Man and the World. And the higher or
religious and scientific dimensions of that culture will not
be subservient to the vulgar subhuman drama of present-day
economics and politics. Rather, the religious and scientific
dimensions of the new culture of Man will be the very
foundation of the culture-and all matters of economics and
politics will be guided and determined by the higher Wisdom
of that foundation itself.”

New Reformation
– Scientific
Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced By the
White House!

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Law is Absolute

– Adi Da’s Open
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and Doubt
– An Essay by Adi
Da on politics and freedom

for Men and Women
– Talk by
Adi Da on politics

and Me
– Politics and the

1978 – Hawaii, Avatar Adi Da Writes the Essay

“This Teaching Is the Prophetic
Fire of God’s Life, Not the Signal of a New Age of

The Realization of Truth restores
the heart to love and even humor, without irony. But love
must also weep. I see the signs of great world conflict
still ahead of us. It is not inevitable, but it is likely,
unless Enlightened people grow in numbers and accept
responsibility for the daily world. Childish revolutionaries
and parent like Machines of State continue to conspire to
enforce order by means of chaos. Since there are no nations
made of responsible men and women, there are no nations of
free men and women. Therefore, freedom will only arise after
a long time of terrible and wonderful struggling.

…..murder for political reasons is
something that human beings somehow feel is justifiable. War
is murder. It is evil. War is not being carried on by people
who think of themselves as evil or who are the embodiment of
the “devil” or anything of the kind. Rather,
political justifications are the excuses humanity comes up
with for its conflicts.

Political conflicts no longer takes
place on the scale of two tribes getting together and
beating the shit out of one another. At this point,
conflicts that in reality what amount to nothing more than
silly, tribal skirmishes can destroy mankind. All of the
horror in the daily news is nothing more than reports of
tribal skirmishes. But they have the potential to destroy
life on earth. That is what is so horrific about

W.C. Fields said that he thought the
best thing to do about political conflicts an alternative to
war would be to send two leaders out onto a hillside with
socks full of horse shit and beat the hell out of one
another. And the winner determines the outcome.

In the twentieth century more people
were killed as a direct result of war than were counted in
the entire population of the United States when I was born.
This has been the most horrific and obscene period in human
history. And while there are all the remarkable technologies
and all the discoveries of great principles in the realm of
nature that are the sign of human genius, the stupidity
relative to the world system is extraordinary.

Look at the terrible situation in
Africa the whole continent. Nothing being done for all these
poor people. Terrible. Not just nothing being done for them
in the social activist sense, but nothing being done to
change the ceaseless chaos and the treating of human beings
as if they are nothing.

Look at South America. Look at the
chaotic interactions and such going on there now. And the
Middle East. What can ever come to settle that? Every day it
is another drama, another reason why they cannot come to any
agreement. And in addition there are terrorists or
disturbed, politically motivated individuals who want to
draw attention to their cause by getting on TV. So much of
the horror that takes places is little more than an effort
to get on television. They hope that by getting on
television the world will do something for their

When the telegraph was invented in
the nineteenth century, people noticed that you could
telegraph news from a war front to someplace where people
would hear about it in a short time. Likewise, you could
communicate instructions over distance.

Well, one of the first things
noticed is that the enemy could hear what you said. So they
began putting out false information on the telegraph to
mislead the enemy. And now we have television and newspapers
and all the rest of it in the service of exactly the same
tactic. Such public communications are intended to prompt
your opponent to think a certain way, react a certain way,
be willing to do something, make a concession whatever it
is, it is all propaganda. Everybody lying and manipulating
everybody else in an effort to satisfy their own

Politics is played like a game
without any ultimate human concerns being truly served. Each
individual and nation plays it for the day for the sake of
the advantage they can get in their conflict-negotiation at
the moment.

(April 16, 2000)

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mankind is now
in a state of delusion; that is a characteristic of this
time. That is why I call it the “late-time”, or the “dark
epoch”. Mankind is possessed by false views, illusions about
life, that the purpose of life is some kind of self-directed
or collectively directed intention toward fulfillment —
utopian, or for the sake of the species, or even going into
outer space, or some ultimate fulfillment — or whatever
they advertise on TV.

Life, as being purposed toward
fulfillment in the gross context of body, the nature domain,
the potentials of the cosmic universe — all views that
presume living on the basis of motivations, desires,
intentions and patterns that are for that purpose are

Life is not of that nature. Mankind
is not divine; Reality is Divine. Mankind inheres in That —
but in and of itself, mankind is simply another primate
species of animal in the earth world.

There is no ultimate fulfillment to
be pursued. In The Knee Of Listening, 33 years ago, I Wrote
about this very matter, looking for a new age of men and
women, Speaking there specifically in these

It is not this utopian drama of the
future and all this perfection of human possibility, or
fulfilling the life of egoity, the technological
fulfillment, or any other kind of means of fulfillment in
the cosmic sphere. That is not it.

Egoity must be transcended.
Therefore, bondage to the body-mind is transcended in that
process, because egoity is an activity of the body-mind.

The process is a Spiritual one, not
merely a philosophical one. It involves the Profound Effort
of Grace, Divinely, Avatarically Given, Extended from Me in
My Regard of people, by the Work that I do in Spiritual

August 16,2005

Enlightenment of the Whole Body

Earth is a school, not a place of
perfection. Even into the future, it is likely only a few in
every generation will respond to the Divine Teaching.
Perhaps it will always be so — or at least for decades,
or millions of years. Therefore, let those who hear Me
cherish the Truth and its Way. Let them find sanctuary, a
hidden place or room, or let them practice the body of God
without attracting the angular notice of the world. Let them
find a way to preserve the Teaching and the Way of Life,
even through the coming and ungraceful Age. Let them yield
to the Life, and go to Real God, free of all that is yet to

The modern era is unique in that the old religious cults are
gradually giving way to the new religion of political and
scientific materialism. Everywhere we see moral and cultural
decay, warfare, exploitation of environments and creatures,
and the sufferings of an unenlightened humanity. The man or
woman who is sensitive to our absurd commitment to chaos and
suffering may well begin to question the usual round of our

Adepts appear to reestablish the Way
of Truth among human beings. The “method” of these
World-Teachers is to draw living beings directly into the
context of Realization. Here we must distinguish the
ultimate Teaching or Realization from the Teachings based on
the traditional solutions to the “problem.” A true Siddha is
One who comes out of the God-World, not just one who emerges
from some extraordinary state into a human birth with
various powers or capabilities.

The true Siddha is One who lives in
the God-Condition while alive in the manifest worlds. He is
not extraordinary. He is simply living the appropriate form
of life or the natural state. He appears extraordinary only
over against those who are living from the point of view of
karma, limitation, ignorance. But his assumption is that
there is only Truth already, that there is only God already,
that there are no world and no change of state to be sought
as if they are the Truth. In this instant, whatever the
apparent condition, Truth is the Condition, God is the

One who moves into relationship with
such a Siddha has come face to face with Real-God and the
God-Light. The Siddha, the Heaven-Born One, manifests the
heaven Condition to his devotee. Thus, the devotee of such a
Siddha lives the heaven Condition while alive, whatever
condition he may apparently be living. The Siddha brings the
heaven Condition into the world and lives it and makes it
entirely available to those who will turn to Him, or Her.
Such a One does not create the heaven appearance. In other
words, he does not perform magic and make this world seem
like the God-World.

This world remains what it is,
whatever is its appropriate, lawful appearance. Perhaps he
expands the range of some of its faculties, but essentially
it remains what it is, what it latently is. It is just that
the God-Condition becomes also the condition of the world in
which the Siddha is appearing. This is the purpose of such
Siddhas, to appear in the conditional worlds and live the
real Condition there for those who turn to them.

Do not doubt what has been heard and seen and Realized. Be
strong. Love and trust and surrender to the God of the
body-mind. Let the One Who Lives us all achieve Victory in
this time of universal bewilderment and aggressive denial of
the Living God. Let not any worldly power confirm the doubt
of the bodily Truth of Man in God. All of mankind is
suffering the doubt of the body, the world, and God.
Our Defense of the Body in God – Adi Da Samraj – September
7, 1980

The common error of mankind is to deny the Living God, the
Radiant Transcendental Being. This leads to exploitation of
body and mind for the sake of self in mortal fear. And the
common error even of those who would acknowledge God is to
presume an inner spiritual Reality that is separative from
the body and that requires denial of the body as the vehicle
of delight and love and freedom in God.

Let us never collapse into
self-destructive doubts. Let us join with all the friends
and allies of Man to serve all beings with the Blessings of
the Great One. Let us meet every trial that comes upon us
with the strength of Truth. Let us do what is right for the
sake of mankind, and let God determine the trial and all
results for whatever purposes the very Divine will choose to
serve this world. Let us surrender into doubt-free and
positive commitment to the One we cannot deny. Let us
recognize the humor of it all, and so let us be ready to
freely defend the Way with intelligence and vital
Our Defense of the Body in God – Adi Da Samraj – September
7, 1980

Chapter 20
Original Knee of Listening
Franklin Jones – p. 568-569

I am interested in finding men who
are free of every kind of seeking, attendant only to
understanding, who will devote themselves to the intentional
creation of life in the form and logic of reality rather
than the form and logic of Narcissus. Such men are the
unexploitable presence of reality. They will not devote
themselves to turning the worlds to dilemma, exhaustion and
revolutionary experience, nor to the exploitation of desire
and possibility, nor to the ascent to and inclusion of
various goals, higher entities, evolutionary aims or ideas
of spiritual transformation. They will create in the
aesthetics of reality, turning all things into radical
relationship and enjoyment. They will remove the effects of
separative existence and restore the form of things. They
will engineer every kind of stability and beauty. They will
create a presence of peace. Their eye will be on present
form and not on exaggerated notions of artifice. Their idea
of form is stable and whole, not a gesture toward some other
event. They will not make the world seem but a symbol for
higher and other things.

They will constantly create the form
of truth while conscious of present reality. Thus, they will
serve the order of sacrifice and knowledge. They will evolve
the necessary and good and make economic and wise use of all
technology. They will not be motivated by invention but by
reality, which is the present thing to be communicated in
all forms. They will not pursue any kind of victory for man,
any deathlessness or overwhelming survival. They will only
create the conditions for present enjoyment, the
communication of reality, the form in which understanding
and real knowledge can arise, live and become the public
foundation of existence.

Thus, I would find a new order of
men who will create a new age of sanity and joy. It will not
be the age of the occult, the religious, the scientific or
technological evolution of men. It will be the fundamental
age of real existence, wherein life will be radically
realized entirely apart from the whole history of our
adventure and great search. The age envisioned by seekers is
a spectacular display that only extends the traditional
madness, exploitability and foolishness of mankind. But I
desire a new order of men who will not begin from all of
that but apply themselves apart from all dilemma and all
seeking to the harmonious presence of real

I am equally certain that such a new
order of men must arise as a force in the world in the
present generation or else this world must suffer the karma
of dissolution.

of Listening Table of Contents

On November 28, 2004,

Bhagavan Adi Da Gathers with
devotees in the Marble Hall and worldwide over the internet.

There in Bhagavan Responds to a
devotee’s request for His Blessing to bring peace to
his family and country of birth.


Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Samraj:

My Regard for the people of all
traditions is constant and absolute—and for
all-and-All, without exception. My Birth is an Amnesty. I am
willing to Forget. But you must accept My Dharma, My

If you want Real-God-Realization,
then you must become My devotee. If you at least want to
survive, you must become part of a new civilized order of
global cooperation.

The best thing is to combine the
two—a life of Realization, living in a ‘world’ of
cooperation. This is how peace comes. Not by appealing to
the Divine or the Avatar as a kind of ‘good-luck

When you go to your Master, you do
not just ask for gifts to take home. You ask for
Instruction, and you do not just say, “Well, You are a nice
Master. Those were nice Instructions.”

No—if you ask your Master a
question, understand you are obliged to do as I Say. You do
what your Master Says. That is it.

You wanted a kind of peace, a kind
of order, for those you know, for your country. Yes, I
agree—and this Blessing is Offered, and these are the

You want Realization? I have Told
you the conditions. You want peace on Earth? I have Told you
the conditions. Those are My Conditions.

Do it or not. But if you do not do
it, the Gifts you request, the Blessings you request, cannot
and will not be Given. You will not be able to receive them.

Your fulfillment of My Instruction,
My Law, is the means whereby you can conduct, receive, use,
and celebrate My Blessing, My Gifts. And among them are
conditions in this life such as you requested.

But, you see, they are not just
handed out without responsibility. If you ask for Blessing,
you must embrace the Instruction, the discipline. That is
your part.

My Stride depends on your event.
There must be a response to Me, for Realization as well as
for the well-being of humankind.

Both are Offered.

DEVOTEE: Is there something
different about Spiritual practice in this time?
Traditionally, it is has been said that it is more difficult
to practice in the Kali Yuga.

absolutely no difference what yuga it is.

DEVOTEE: So this time is not
different than any other time?

not. This “late-time” (or “dark” epoch) has its particular
signs and characteristics, but you should not call it any
kind of “bad yuga” in order to justify your weakness in
practice of the Way I Reveal and Give. Relative to what is
required in order to practice, all yugas are, fundamentally,
the same. The fundamental process of ego-transcendence is
always required, no matter what the characteristics of the
times, or the characteristics of the experience of the
individual at any time. And, even though the present epoch
is relatively “dark” and the time is “late”, I Am

I have Destroyed the impediment in
this “late-time”—by My Avataric Divine Descent and
Avataric Divine Self-“Emergence”, here and every where in
the entire Cosmic domain. Therefore—now, and forever
hereafter—it does not make the slightest bit of
difference what yuga it is, because I Am here—now, and
forever hereafter. Because I Am here, the “circumstance” of
necessary ego-transcending practice is the relationship to
Me. That is certainly the case for all who heart-recognize
Me, and who heart-respond to Me by embracing the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Way of Adidam.

Because of your relationship to Me,
the so-called “Kali Yuga” has no negative power over
you—none whatsoever. You are not bound by some sort of
mysterious vibration of yuga-made ignorance, such that you
cannot heart-respond to Me. For My true devotee, all time
is—now, and forever hereafter—My time.

I Am here. I have Given you My
Avataric Divine Word, My Complete Avataric Divine
Self-Revelation. I have Told you and Shown you Who I Am. The
only question is whether you will rightly, truly, fully, and
fully devotionally recognize Me and rightly, truly, fully,
and fully devotionally respond to Me. To heart-recognize Me
and heart-respond to Me, you have to prove it, you have to
change your life-action. You have to do what the Way of
Adidam requires—and not ignore Me, not deceive yourself
and one another, not be “gurus” of yourselves.

I Am here. You either recognize Me,
or you do not. I cannot sell it to anyone. My role is not to
sell it to anyone. I Am here to Be here.

I have Done My Submission-Work
sufficient to provide the Gifts that are enough said, enough

There is no such thing as the devil.
There is only ego taking on individual and collective forms.
There is even such a thing as atomic egoity, energy-ego,
pattern therefore.

This world is bondage, but it arises
in the Divine. It can be opened to the Divine-That Which Is
Divine, not a deity. It can proceed within That Which Is
Divine. It can be Divinely Liberated, Enlightened.

Therefore, this is not merely hell.
This is the opportunity for transcending hell or making more
of it. You choose!


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