The Yoga of Spiritual Practice

The Yoga of Spiritual

Vishnu riding Garuda

edited and adapted by Beezone from three talks by Adi Da
The Great Bird That Flies to the Heart – 1982

Make the Body a Yoga-Body – 1995

Baptism of Immortal Happiness – 1982


Entrance into the Spiritual stages of life begins with natural bodily force, natural energies. The spiritual Way depends first of all on establishing the receptive and descended personality as a functional vehicle of the Living Reality. This is the principle of the first three stages of life.

You must be able receive the Living Force in the body, then, in the Spiritual stages, as a secondary and supportive matter allow the Force of that Presence to Purify the body-mind. The receiving of the Living Force will Purify, Infuse and Expand your sense of Being. This is a Yogic process that is sometimes called an alchemical process. It deals with the traditional elements of conditional manifestation, earth, water, fire, air, ether, infinite space beyond that.

By practicing this Yoga from the beginning, you equip and prepare yourself to do Spiritual Yoga. In the beginning, is seems like it is a different energy. When you begin you are relatively undisciplined. You may have some insights, intuition as to what a spiritual understanding entails but it’s fragmented, immature. All the while you waver, you have a busy mind and a busy life. Your body is not particularly healthy and neither is your life in general balanced. There are all kinds of obstacles and you are disturbed at a basic level. You have very little ability for concentration, discipline, or other bodily disciplines.

But once you begin to be responsible and take responsibility this yoga becomes more profound. A subtler energy manifests, a more refined subtler process begins.

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