There Is A Way and Reality Itself Is It – Adi Da Samraj – Aletheon

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bondage and suffering of humankind is unnecessary, but it is
also “dark” and destructive. It is not merely that human
beings are suffering. Human beings are destroying the Earth,
and everyone and everything in it – and humankind has been
on this course for as long as human beings have recorded
their histories.

The story of human beings is a
search to “understand”, a noble enough effort but is it also
built upon the exercise of an uninspected egoity.
This “excercise” or “method” is to get any “object” it
contacts or touches under control through “knowledge”, and
then to enclose or surrround and without fully understanding
the consequences, destroy that “object” or

All the traditional “methods” and
“techniques” – “religious” or spiritual, exoteric or
esoteric – are about “getting a secret” (mystery or
discovery), and using that “secret” (mystery or discovery)
to get the “object or other” under control. The effort
underlying all traditional “methods” and “techniques” is to
enable the ego to encircle and replace Reality with that
‘object’ of knowledge.

These ancient “methods” were
apparently rather naive. Fundamentally, the ancient (and
current scientific “methods”) are about getting what the
human ego wants (or fears) and then controlling it. Then
then the human ego encloses whatever is to be controlled by
means of “knowledge” and “power”. To enclose the “named
object” (or discovery), the ego-“I” makes a sacred
enclosure, a temple, a “religion”, a prison, or even any
cultural, social, or political (university, foundation,or
government) mode of systematized action. Finally, having
gotten the “object” (or even the Divine) under control, the
ego-“I” then destroys the “discovery” by limiting it to the
confines and enslavements of the enclosure (the answer), and
(thereby) systematically controls the “knowedge or object”
for their use and limits its breathing-space of life and

Observe what is occurring with the
“world”-circumstance, which is now absolutely subject to
human controls. Humankind seeks power over everything it
notices – and seeks to find out the secrets of whatever is
noticed, in order to control it. Then, when the “whatever”
has been gotten under control, humankind destroys

In the “world” of human egos, this
dreadful pattern is inevitably so.

Such is the pattern of what is
happening in the current global situation, and that “game”
has now reached a stage that is close to

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